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Find Your Easirent Car Rentals at Orlando International Airport


Average rating on Easirent at Orlando International Airport: 5.1 /10


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Medium SUV | Hyundai Santa Fe or similar
Reviewed: Sat, Dec 7, 2019
About Easirent: 9.7 /10
Getting shuttle to and from airport was guick. Staff very courteous and friendly. I had no problems. The car was clean and very nice. I would definetly recommend and use again on my next trip.
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10


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Full Size | Nissan Altima or similar
Reviewed: Sat, Nov 16, 2019
“Good overall and car was great.”
About Easirent: 9.3 /10
Very slow on pick up and not much communication during wait to be served. Staff could be mor friendly. Full check car on drop off and write all ok on paperwork.
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10


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Full Size | Nissan Altima or similar
Reviewed: Sun, Nov 10, 2019
“Horrible and Terrible Service”
About Easirent: 3.0 /10
1st vehicle had a malfunction error on dashboard. Waiting over 30 minutes to be served. Charged for gas that I shouldnt have been. Never received a closeout email or notified I will be charged; error was on the location as my car was switched and vehicle I drove off on had a quarter tank and I returned with more than half.

Boni Itoandon

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Economy | Toyota Yaris or similar
Reviewed: Mon, Oct 7, 2019
“it was a pleasurable experience & I enjoyed the service. I will like to recommend newer cars to use.”
About Easirent: 9.7 /10
I am very please with the service and the process.
About QEEQ: 9.0 /10
No comment


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Economy | Toyota Yaris or similar
Reviewed: Sat, Sep 28, 2019
“Easirent is off my list, Eastrentcars isn't but my level of confidence in them isn't what it used to”
About Easirent: 3.3 /10
The place was understaffed Car wasn't clean, only tank full hardly any automation, diagram of car on a flip chart and a signature asked no hard copy of agreement given, was told all was sent via mail. if stopped by police would be an issue same was true on drop off, diagram of car with a so-called check and signature. I was never sure if anything could've been added later. staff said they could block max 2200 usd on my credit card but could save that option against a fee of 500 + usd. after a long flight, dark outside, exhausted, many like me went along just to get out of there worst was next day when I was already in another city I discovered car wasn't cleaned, food remains and dirt on floor. worst was wheels were all different make/model with one with a different specification ( see photos) the front left tire was border line thread worthy. how a rental company can easily allow a car to be rented out is amazing.
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post image
post image
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post image


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Full Size Van | Dodge Grand Caravan or similar
Reviewed: Wed, Sep 25, 2019
“Gray rental car experience.”
About Easirent: 10.0 /10
As always a great service, Allison was great accommodating my family in a good vehicle. Joe always with a big smile and ready to help us and to get us going fast.
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10


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Full Size | Nissan Altima or similar
Reviewed: Tue, Sep 24, 2019
About Easirent: 6.3 /10
Customer service was awful and very unfriendly acted very put out. We were also charged 13 dollars a day more because I didn’t have the same credit card with me that was on file and what I had pre payed for. will never rent from y’all again.
About QEEQ: 8.0 /10
Didn’t use


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Economy | Toyota Yaris or similar
Reviewed: Wed, Sep 11, 2019
“Not good for 1st timers”
About Easirent: 5.0 /10
The wait was long..to pick up n drop off. 1st the shuttle driver picked up a person n dropped them off before taking us to get our rental which was unacceptable. Get to the counter the gentleman was not friendly it was three of us waiting one person working and the person ahead of me had issues,it was late n I was tired. the car needed maintenance hard to drive I think it needed power steering fluid. I dropped off n it was two workers n I waited 30 minutes to just to return a key n sign..The Staff was not very friendly nor helpful..but for the price I guess u get what you pay for.
About QEEQ: 7.0 /10

B.Reus Neto

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Full Size | Nissan Altima or similar
Reviewed: Sun, Sep 8, 2019
About Easirent: 2.0 /10
Terrible. We wait for more then 30 minutes on the airport to take the Van. When we arrived at the counter to take the car, they try to sell me insurance, I said I didn’t want and they said it was mandatory. I asked to cancel my booking they said ok, but they didn't give me any confirmation, I asked for just one email for confirmation and they said they couldn’t send. I tried to make a recording of the girl telling me that the booking was canceled, but she didn't want to talk, which makes me think they didn't cancel. I need to took an uber to the hotel and lost 2 hours.
post image
post image


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Economy | Toyota Yaris or similar
Reviewed: Sat, Aug 31, 2019
“Shuttle from MCO took awhile to arrive”
About Easirent: 6.0 /10
The window washing fluid was empty. Inside of the front windshield was dirty.


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Medium SUV | Hyundai Santa Fe or similar
Reviewed: Mon, Aug 26, 2019
“customer service was very poor - counter server was very rude and inconsiderate”
About Easirent: 5.0 /10
Counter service - very rude – later claimed to be the manager when I insisted on talking to manager. Clearly offered me a visibly damage and dented car at the rear and front with excuse that car was fine, and there was nothing else available to offer me unless I paid more for another bigger car. Claimed there was nothing she could do about her decision. She even walked away from me and asked me to think what I wanted to do after I rejected the car on grounds of potential breakdown anytime due to damage. It was night time and wasn’t taking such a car away with my kids. This was not service of a good and reputable company that was aiming at setting a high standard, and improving customer experience. After a long time of causing a scene, she went out and offered me another car- visibly in a lesser price range I paid for, car key was seriously damaged and falling apart- central locking was not functional at all. It was late, kids very tired after 24hrs of travelling - I decided to take the car. Checking back in the car - there was no clear instructions on the process - Lined up and waited only to later tell me that I had to wait outside- an agent was to come to me at the car to check the car. Waited again until I went to enquire from one of your transport drivers what was happening, and why I had to wait this long yet we were getting late for our flight. The transport driver decided to do the car checking- in of the car, however without reference to the checking-out records of the then state of the car. I queried that but he went ahead to check the car and said all was fine, asked me to write my names, sign and put my email address for any correspondences. No paperwork was given to confirm what he had said to me. He initially queried gas left in tank - gauge was just over the 1/2 mark - I had to remind him that the car was given with half tank. I was very bitter with your company, and will be taking further legal action.


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Full Size | Nissan Altima or similar
Reviewed: Mon, Aug 12, 2019
“Waited for more than an hour for shuttle at midnight. No answer to call. Took another rental service”
About Easirent: 2.0 /10
I did use the rental. I paid and waited for the shuttle at midnight in MCO for more than an hour. I saw other rental companies making 3 trips during that window. Gave up and took rental car from the airport. Worst service!!!


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Full Size | Nissan Altima or similar
Reviewed: Thu, Aug 8, 2019
“Truly terrible experience”
About Easirent: 4.7 /10
This particular branch was terrible. Added on £500 in hidden fees. Rude counter staff that talked to you like you was a idiot and wasting there time. Just ripped us off.


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Reviewed: Wed, Jul 31, 2019
“A Real Mess to be Avoided”
About Easirent: 4.0 /10
The booking platform worked okay but I ended up being forced to accept different terms with the car hire company (Easirent) from the terms agreed with Easyrentcars which makes for a very uncomfortable situation if something were to go wrong. Easyrentcars need to be more selective with the companies they represent - and it only takes a simple internet search to see how dismal Easirent is as a car hire company.

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Full Size Van | Nissan NV3500 or similar
Reviewed: Tue, Jul 30, 2019
About Easirent: 8.0 /10
Even though I arrived at the time and day booked months in advance, they did not have a car ready. After trying to give me a smaller car, I had to wait for someone to go get a car for me. They got the car but it was painful to have to sit around and wait.
About QEEQ: 7.0 /10


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Compact | Fiat 500 4 Doors or similar
Reviewed: Mon, Jul 29, 2019
“Easirent sucks”
About Easirent: 6.3 /10
Staff was slow, 7 people waiting when I arrived. Manager was only one at the desk. Another woman came into work and manager disappeared into the office. over 2 hours to get to my turn.... in the meantime, another van load of people came in. One was very pushy that he had a reservation and needed to be put to the front of the line. Clerk nicely told him everyone in line ahead of him had a reservation also, he would need to wait his turn. Man went into the manager's office and she waited on him immediately instead of telling him to wait in line. Staff didn't seem to know what paperwork needed filled out. Rude to other customers. Staff tried to strong arm customers into purchasing extras and wouldn't take 1 "no" for and answer. When people cancelled their reservations, company refused to take them back to airport. Several ended up calling Uber or taxi.. I would never rent from this company again.


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Intermediate | Nissan Sentra or similar
Reviewed: Sun, Jul 28, 2019
“Very poor!”
About Easirent: 2.0 /10
I did not receive a car. The shuttle bus never came to the airport. So because we waited so long I took my children to the hotel in a taxi. I tried to pick up a car but the following day i was told I could not unless I paid a full rental cost and that I had lost my original payment. I contacted your main office to see if this could change they told me the same. So I contacted my credit card company to pursue a refund as service was not provided! Your poor service meant that for the first 2 weeks of a 3 week holiday I was without a car!

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Full Size | Nissan Altima or similar
Reviewed: Fri, Jul 26, 2019
“The ease of renting and value for the rental was great.”
About Easirent: 7.3 /10
We waited very long for the shuttle van to pick us up at the airport and it took longer to pick up the car than other rental agencies because everything was hand written. The car exterior was ok, but the interior seats were heavily stained and pretty disgusting. We had to buy some towels to lay on the seats. The car also was completely out of windshield fluid with terrible wipers, so when it drizzled, it dirtied the windows and made it difficult to see. I had to buy and fill the windshield fluid tank. The car was also making loud noises from below, which was a little disconcerting. Having the paperwork computerized at pick up would have sped the process up some as well.
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10


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Full Size | Nissan Altima or similar
Reviewed: Thu, Jul 25, 2019
“If American - DO NOT USE!”
About Easirent: 6.7 /10
No idea if what the agent said was true or not. Had no choice but to purchase add ons.


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Intermediate | Nissan Sentra or similar
Reviewed: Wed, Jul 24, 2019
“Pickup terrible, would not accept my credit card and wanted to charge me an extra $400!!”
About Easirent: 7.0 /10
Car was very basic (no central licking, windy windows etc). Counter staff at pickup very rude and said my credit card had expired, card actually expires at end of the month. This was not explained in any paperwork or at the time of booking. Tried to charge extra $400 so I could use my debit card. Eventually had to pay $1800 deposit on my works credit card. Another couple in the pickup location were having a similar problem and were also being charged lots of extra for their booking. Very dissatisfied with the customer service. In contrast the drop off could not have been easier!
About QEEQ: 8.0 /10

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