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Listen To Voices On Airport Car Rentals From QEEQ Customers

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Compact | Nissan Versa or similar
About One Switch: 4.3 /10
Buyer beware, pay the extra $25-$50 for a better company because you get what you pay for. Our car was dented, scratched, & dinged. It vibrated when we were on the freeway and the brakes were bad. The headlights were broken, only the running lights worked on the vehicle. There were warnings about the airbags and tires. We were charged an additional $6.99 per day for using our own auto insurance! This was an additional fee tacked on after we already prepaid for the vehicle and were told we would owe nothing further. We were the only customers in the building, yet it took 50 minutes to get our busted up vehicle with over 85,000 miles on it. We were in a hurry; having landed in Miami at 9:35 AM, we thought a 3:00 PM reservation in the Keys would be a non-issue, but in addition to all the other things that went wrong with this reservation, the car was also given to us with just a quarter tank of gas, so we had to make an additional stop. Do not use this company.
Reviewed: Mar 10, 2020

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Compact | Nissan Versa or similar
About colusa rent a car: 6.3 /10
I would never use Colusa again. I got a good price online for my rental in Miami. When I got to the counter they did not want me to use my own insurance, even though I had all my insurance info. arguably they gave it to me after putting down a $2500 deposit. I also had to purchase the sun pass for $105. even though I did not need it. they said its company policy. I did not see that anywhere on the rental agreement. I was told by manager that the price I received online was too low and they needed to make money. Worst experience I had renting cars.
Reviewed: Mar 4, 2020


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Compact | Nissan Versa or similar
About Alamo: 10.0 /10
Hassle free car rental, thanks :)
About Qeeq: 10.0 /10
Hassle free car rental, thanks :)
Reviewed: Feb 19, 2020


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Economy | Ford Fiesta or similar
About Budget: 7.3 /10
The car was nice, waiting line at pick was over 2 hours, employee at the desk tried to sell us extra insurance which we already bought from a third party. When we returned the car, we were charged 100 Dollars extra than what we signed up for. I know about 30 Dollars go for the refilling the gas tank but there is still extra 70 Dollars which are not stated any where what are they for. I am not sure that this lack of transparency on the Budget side, would encourage us to be clients in future.
Reviewed: Feb 18, 2020


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Compact | Nissan Versa or similar
About Alamo: 8.7 /10
It is the first time in a very,very long period of renting cars that the whole process took around 10 minutes >that was excellent .I very much appreciated the fact that they didn't take up my time "haggling" about the extra insurance I should take .The whole process was very efficient and the counter was practically empty. I still would like to make a case to install seats and that customers draw a number and wait for them to be called to the counter ( like the banks) .After a normally LONG flight for me it is so important to be able to sit instead of standing in line all the time !!!! You can even read a magazine /book then !!
About Qeeq: 9.0 /10
The booking process was pretty efficient I was amazed though that I could NOT change my rental period because my airline changed it's schedule .I had to CANCEL my reservation and make a TOTALLY new one I do NOT consider that very efficient and almost all other websites have that option Please explain this policy to me if you can !!!
Reviewed: Feb 17, 2020

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Medium SUV | Toyota RAV4 or similar
“Easy , cheap and convenient ”
About Alamo: 10.0 /10
Best rental car company
About Qeeq: 10.0 /10
Love the site , its cheap easy and safe always
Reviewed: Feb 12, 2020

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Compact | Nissan Versa or similar
“Prestaron el servicio pero con condiciones no detalladas al momento de realizar la reserva.”
About Rent A Car 4 Less: 6.7 /10
Al llegar nos dijeron de comprar un seguro con ellos porque el que teniamos no nos cubria totalmente y que teniamos franquicia de 10.000$. Ademas el Sunpass lo tuvimos que pagar ahi tambien a 14$ al dia porque tampoco estab incluido en el precio. El precio del Shuttle bus tampoco esta indicado que hay que pagarlo al conductor el dia que te devuelven al airport.
Reviewed: Jan 21, 2020

c.de oliveira de aguiar

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Medium SUV | Nissan Rogue or similar
About Rent A Car 4 Less: 9.7 /10
All good nothing to complain about! Great experience!
About Qeeq: 10.0 /10
Finally the Axa insure was not very clear and the company gave me their insurance for the same price and was all solved and well!
post image
Reviewed: Jan 20, 2020


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Full Size Van | Dodge Grand Caravan or similar
“Very poor experience during our family vacation.”
About Zezgo Rent a Car: 3.3 /10
The vehicle was in very poor shape. Check engine light came on shortly after picking it up and the car shook at random times. I ended up returning the vehicle because I did not want it to break down during our vacation. Was not offered a refund or any sort of compensation. Ended up renting from a more reputable company with a much better experience. Front desk staff were also not very helpful with my reservation nor were they responsive to these issues. Very poorly run business.
About Qeeq: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Jan 17, 2020

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Full Size | Ford Fusion or similar
About Economi Cars: 4.7 /10
When I picked up the car I was asked to pay a $500 charge inclusion surpass and a deposit on the surpass. At pickup the man told me that the deposit would be returned in 20 days. I was also told that the device to pay the deposit was broken and I would need to pay in cash. I said that I did not have that amount in cash. The next day a charge was on my credit card for the amount. I contacted them today for the credit and in a limited conversation was told that it was now 45 days to receive the credit. I am very concerned with the policies of this company.
Reviewed: Jan 17, 2020

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