Average rating on Europcar at Lisbon Airport: 8.3 /10


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Mini | Peugeot 108 or similar
“An experience which we have learnt from”
About Europcar: 8.7 /10
The car we had expected was not available so we had a free larger vehicle which was comfortable with adequate room. We could have had a bit more instruction on the workings of the vehicle as it had technology with which we were unfamiliar.
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
Drop off was confusing as the signage was not clear. Which parks were for which rental firms could have been much clearer. Booking was easy .
Reviewed: Mon, Dec 2, 2019


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Economy | Renault Clio or similar
“Great car, great service. I got a good deal on this rental.”
About Europcar: 9.7 /10
The car was in very good condition. The pick up process was smooth. I was welcomed by a very friendly employee. I was offered an upgrade to a Jeep Wrangler at a very good price, which I accepted. Overall I am very satisfied with the rental.
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
As usually, the booking process was easy and fast. The offered price was good. I am happy to book with easyrentcars.com
Reviewed: Thu, Oct 24, 2019


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Compact | Renault Captur or similar
“Very recommended.”
About Europcar: 9.3 /10
Nothing to say. It’s normal at the time we arrive they are lower on staff. Perfectly understandable.
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
The name says everything. Easy
Reviewed: Fri, Oct 18, 2019


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Economy | Volkswagen Polo or similar
About Europcar: 8.0 /10
received an old car > 100.000 km, with lots of dents and scratches, but the size of the size of the car was bigger then reserved
About QEEQ: 8.0 /10
pretty easy to book
Reviewed: Tue, Sep 10, 2019


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Economy | Seat Ibiza or similar
About Europcar: 6.3 /10
I can’t understand how it’s possible that in 2019, the company is still renting cars without AC (particularly in the middle of summer), and with manual windows... I understand that I opted for an economy car but this was ridiculous specially given what it cost me. When I asked for a different car with proper conditions, I was told that it would be a 30euro per day upgrade!!! C’mon! I wasn’t asking for much, just didn’t want to melt in my car during my vacation.
Reviewed: Thu, Sep 5, 2019


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Luxury SUV | BMW X2 or similar
“Car Rental in Portugal”
About Europcar: 8.7 /10
I booked a BMW X2 but not available and offered a Volvo XC40 which was acceptable. Counter staff was very helpful and efficient but pick up counter was average. Overall the whole process was smooth.
About QEEQ: 8.0 /10
Reviewed: Mon, Aug 26, 2019

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Mini Van | Renault Scenic 7 Seats or similar
“Similar vehicle is two small.”
About Europcar: 7.7 /10
Although you gave me a similar vehicle, however, it's space is much smaller than the vehicle I booked. It makes us very inconvenient.
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Sun, Aug 25, 2019


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Economy | Seat Ibiza or similar
“Easy RentCars cares about their service, Europcar does not.”
About Europcar: 5.7 /10
Avoid like the plauge. They consistently take at least 2 hours to check in, they have no problem telling you "they just had 10 flights land, all behind schedule so there's a sudden rush, it's not usually this bad." They are lying though their teeth, which seems to be a motif for the company. Do not trust anything they say. Get all paperwork duplicated in your native language and above all, do not trust them to be honest. Inspect every tiny detail and take photos of even the smallest cosmetic mar. They look for small ways to rip you off. The bumper with had a broken restraining clip so it wiggles if you pull on it but had no visible damage and needs to be pulled decently hard to see any flex. This tells me that the car was previously damaged, they cleaned it up but did not repair it. Now that they have hard to notice damage, and know where to look, I expect they tell every driver that it is new damage and keep milking it.
About QEEQ: 9.0 /10
Reviewed: Mon, Aug 19, 2019


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Convertible | Fiat 500 Cabrio or similar
About Europcar: 9.0 /10
Long wait in Lisbon - ticket system unclear. Good staff on counter
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
post image
post image
post image
Reviewed: Fri, Aug 16, 2019


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Mini Van | Volkswagen Caravelle or similar
“Perfect in Portugal”
About Europcar: 10.0 /10
As expected
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
Thank u
Reviewed: Wed, Jul 17, 2019


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Intermediate | Citroen C Elysee or similar
“not very good”
About Europcar: 8.3 /10
Very busy took long time to get the car
Reviewed: Wed, Jul 10, 2019


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Intermediate | Audi A3 or similar
“A fine experience for a wonderful drive through Portugal.”
About Europcar: 10.0 /10
There was a line at pick up, it was well organized with the take-a-number system but still took about 30 minutes.
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
It was easy to book the rental and everything was ready when we arrived, very well done.
Reviewed: Sat, Jun 22, 2019

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Mini | Peugeot 108 or similar
About Europcar: 6.7 /10
The hotess put a New assurance on my contrat and she don't explain me. I discover that on my final facture most expensive than initial reservation
About QEEQ: 8.0 /10
Good web site to rent a car
Reviewed: Sat, Apr 13, 2019

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