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Founded in Indiana in 1966, Ace Rent a Car started only with a fleet of 10 to target the more price sensitive travelers. Working hard to keep their prices low and quality high, Ace Rent a Car has since grown to operate 400 Branches in 40 countries around the world.
At QEEQ, we pride ourselves on working with the best in the industry to provide you with the best reliable products. We are proud to be working with Alamo to bring to you the best there is to offer.

Various Cars to Rent around the World

With the latest model cars, vans, SUVs and other specialty vehicles, ACE has the perfect selection of vehicles for your next rental at substantial savings.

Mission: Service of our Customers

Ace Rent a Car is Committed to giving the best service to their customers. Enjoy the convenience of customizing your rental experience with ease and immense support by renting with Ace Rental Cars through QEEQ.

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Very Good
  • Vehicle condition

  • Vehicle cleanliness

  • Spaciousness

  • Counter staff

  • Pick-up location

  • Drop-off location

  • Pick-up time

    10-30 mins
  • Drop-off time

    0-10 mins
  • 8

    Very Good

    No nos gusto que tengan publicidad engañosa, en QEED ya habíamos pagado 7600 y ACE según no cobraría un seguro básico y nos hicieron un cargo de 780 dólares, es un robo la renta nos salió en cerca de 24 mil cuando otras arrendadoras de auto cobraban entre 13-15 mil pesos ya con seguros incluidos

    Reviewed: November 29, 2021

  • 5.7

    Not happy with Ace! The car was not nice for the cost!

    Yes very upset with ace I had marked down on my confirmation I did not want insurance extra insurance and they put it right on there and told us initial everything and charged us an extra $300 not happy with the experience at all!

    icon_locationFort Lauderdale
    Reviewed: November 26, 2021

  • 5

    disappointed. I should not have had to pay extra for my rental

    They didn't have an economy car available when I arrived and they charged me an additional expense of over $80+ just to drive off. They wouldn't let me have a vehicle without payment. I was very disappointed in this process.

    icon_locationLos Angeles
    Reviewed: November 25, 2021

  • 10

    QEEQ is the Best Place to Rent a Car!

    I wanted a compact and they gave me a full size for the same price.

    Reviewed: November 21, 2021

  • 9

    Datos incorrectos en el monto y cobertura

    El auto se encontraba en óptimas condiciones. Me cobraron un monto superior al que se indica en la reserva, un 100% del monto reservado, tuve que tomar el auto porque lo necesitaba y no tenía opción.

    icon_locationLas Vegas
    Reviewed: November 2, 2021

  • 9


    Very disappointed at the fact that ACE keep their plate connected to their own sunpass. This made us not able to use our connect that car plate to our sunpass therefore we were stuck avoiding all toll roads not to be charged extra fees.

    icon_locationFort Lauderdale
    Reviewed: October 3, 2021

  • 9.7

    Muy buena experiencia servicionpor parte de operador como econorent.


    Reviewed: September 30, 2021

  • 10


    Bue. Coche

    Reviewed: August 8, 2021

  • 10


    Recommended. No surprise fees or hard sells—BE SURE TO READ THEIR RULES. Kind employees. If you don’t bring a copy of your coverage for the car itself and for liability don’t blame them for you not reading. You’ll also slow the line for everyone else.

    icon_locationSan Juan
    Reviewed: April 28, 2021

  • 8.3

    Very Good

    The cost of insurance was nuts, $600 on a $400+ car rental. Car had a pretty good ding on the side, but worked great and served us well.

    icon_locationSan Jose Del Cabo
    Reviewed: April 11, 2021

  • 10

    Great car rental experience


    icon_locationSan Juan
    Reviewed: March 21, 2021

  • 9.3

    Short and sweet

    The staff was courteous and the car was nicely cleaned. Just a heads up Ace will make you purchase their liability insurance. Although that was the case, the rental was well worth the money spent.

    icon_locationSan Diego
    Reviewed: March 7, 2021

  • 6

    Terrible experience at pick up from ACE Car rental denver

    Initially booked a cheaper car for about $312-thenwhen I learned the SUV was not 4 wheel drive I upgraded and spent 412 which I was told would be a 4 wheel drive. When I arrived at ACE I was told it was not 4whell and had to pay an additional $143. This is unacceptable!!!

    Reviewed: December 18, 2020

  • 7.3


    They lied to me that I had to have an insurance on top of mine. They charged me additional $ 550 for the insurance. I had to come back and talk to the manager, and he was finally able to refund me that money. They also have a policy in place that when you get on a toll road, they charge your card for the toll plus $ 50.00 administration fee every time toll is recorded. It was the most stressful pick up procedure I have had so far. The whole fiasco took over two hours. Also, the pick up time from the DEN airport was over half an hour.

    Reviewed: December 17, 2020

  • 6.3

    I won’t use Ace again and I’m really leery about QEEQ.

    They would not honor the reserved class and downgraded to a lower vehicle class. I don’t know if this was miscommunication between QEEQ and Ace or all on Ace but I won’t be using them again.

    icon_locationLas Vegas
    Reviewed: December 6, 2020

  • 9.7

    Not sure why I was talked into an upgrade

    I was 45 minutes later than the booking time so we were told by the counter staff person that we would have to wait an hour to receive the orginal car that was booked. Otherwise, we had the choice of a $58 upgrade to a bigger car that we could have immediately. In my rental car experience off airport, I have never been exactly on time with my airport arrivals and off airport rental car businesses. I saw many cars in the lot, very few customers in the rental office, so I was put off by the increase of original price and the wait if I wanted to keep the same car type. Also, staff person said the orginal car was much smaller than the upgrade but the ACE website did not show the car I booked to be as staff said, very small. In other word, selling us on the upgrade.

    Reviewed: November 13, 2020

  • 10


    Great service

    icon_locationSalt Lake City
    Reviewed: September 25, 2020

  • 7

    Not recommended

    The car was not a problem however the staff at the desk was terrible and horrible to say the least and RUDE .First we were not aware that as residents of Las Vegas we needed to bring a utility bill -There is absolutely no statement or warnings during the booking process that was made as a requirement. She insisted for a utility bill /statement .We were asked specifically to bring an ID /Voucher /Coupons / credit cards but nothing about utility bills so here we are came in an Uber trying to rush back home to get a utility bill but then no guarantees when you come back to find any available car. Frustrated to say the least but the other attendants , ( the attendant that brought the car , took pictures and the one that gave you the car keys and point you to where you car was, were nice )

    icon_locationLas Vegas
    Reviewed: September 11, 2020

  • 8



    Reviewed: August 17, 2020

  • 9


    Loved the car, now I want one

    icon_locationLas Vegas
    Reviewed: July 16, 2020

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