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About Windycar: 9.6 /10
Like: The prices for the rental very good..
Dislike: I waited for almost 30 to 45 mins to finish the process and get the car
Reviewed: Mon, Feb 19, 2018
Intermediate SUV | Mercedes-Benz GLA or similar

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Pawin Sermsuk

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Economy | Volkswagen Polo or similar
“Annoying pickup for an otherwise alright rental”
About Windycar: 5.0 /10
Slightly annoying that the pickup location was way off airport. Needed to call the company for them to dispatch a pickup and take us to the airport. If dropping at IST, spare an extra HOUR at least for the dropoff process.
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
Easy as usual.
Reviewed: Fri, Dec 6, 2019


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Economy | Volkswagen Polo or similar
“overall was good”
About Windycar: 7.7 /10
pls advise them to talk nicely to people when we ask for something. i did only asked them why my car was diesel instead of petrol? simple question but they shouted at me. as agreed to send back the car to counter but no one there, waited for more than 30mins. ended up leaved the car in the terminal parking area.
About QEEQ: 8.0 /10
so far good
Reviewed: Sun, Aug 18, 2019


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Economy | Volkswagen Polo or similar
About Windycar: 6.3 /10
J'ai réservé une i20 . Malgré l'existence de 3 véhicules i20 neuve au parking on m'a remis une vieille fiat linea moteur très bruyant. Réservoir vide . Le représentant de windycar m'a dit que c'est la politique de la boîte. Pratiquement on ne peut pas rendre le véhicule absolument vide , j'ai laissé 1/4 du réservoir de carburant, ca c'est de l'arnaque et du vol de mon point de vue. C'est pas digne de Windycar si c'est vraiment leur politique générale de voler les clients.
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Sat, Jul 27, 2019

D.Ramirez Mendez

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Small SUV | Nissan Juke or similar
About Windycar: 5.3 /10
Our experience with windy car was very disappointing. We had problems with the car, the engine alarm started shinig and we had an other one with a wheel. For these reasons we had to call the company several times to help us fix it, but more than helping us solve our situation did not do more than give us a new phone number each time. It gave the sensation they didn’t want to help, just pass the problem to another department. The first time it happened we stopped at a gas station where nobody spoke English but we got them to understand what happened and they called a mechanic. While started with calls to WindyCar. One of the Windycar operators told us that we will pay 50L to the mechanic and fill the deposit at that gas station as a sign of thanks for their help. That's what we did. The next day, when we were about 200km away, the same thing happened again. When we reached Uchisar, we called WindyCar again. We asked to change the car since it did not give us any safety to drive in those conditions. At Kayseri's office they told us that they did not have cars available, that we took them to the mechanic and paid the bill and that they would reimburse us. That's what we did. This time we pay 40L. After a few km the alarm starteed shining. A few days later, when we had 200km to get to Ephesus, the front left tire began to lose pressure. We tried to swell several times but I kept losing so we decided to change the wheel. This delayed our trip again several hours, since with the spare wheel we could not exceed 80km / h. When we arrived at our hotel we returned to call WindyCar asking for a solution. The next day we had to return the car in Izmir and we were afraid to drive in those conditions. We had to call twice to get answers which again was very unsatisfactory. The solution offered was that "we should drive more slowly". All these problems created a great insecurity on the road during our trip and we did not know what was happening... We fear because the c
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Reviewed: Fri, Jul 19, 2019

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Intermediate | Hyundai Elantra or similar
“Good expierience”
About Windycar: 9.7 /10
I do not understand that they had no box to pay with my creditcard and had to search my Luggage to find my own box?!!They were very helpfull by the drop off
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
No complains !!
Reviewed: Fri, May 17, 2019

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