Average rating on Hertz at Split Airport: 8.0 /10

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Economy | Opel Corsa or similar
“Hertz begrudgingly replaced a dangerous car with another dangerous one”
About Hertz: 6.0 /10
The car straight up showed an alarm from the tyre pressure captors, which the staff disabled claiming it was an issue with the captor. A couple of hours into riding the car and begin far from the pick up location, I start getting random alert messages about front assistance and other brake related warnings, WHILE RIDING. When I went digging into the car's status messsages I find out that service is 5000KM LATE. A totally unacceptable situation, so I sent to the nearest Hertz agent and found a person who wanted to send me back with the car claiming that he could change the oil if I wanted but that's it.... Upon insisting that I would NOT go back with an unsafe car and needed a replacement. He was not getting any support from his management, but eventually managed to give me an equivalent Hyundai that was there (and still dirty). This 2nd car did not have all the warnings flaring up, however it was almost a 100000km old, the clutch was sloppy, the brakes were almost non existent and required extreme anticipation on the road. Not mentioning all the dents and scratches all over it. Both cars were completely lacking engine torque and were absolutely ridiculously slow when the road would take a slight climb up (which is.... everywhere in Croatia). I believed that a company like Hertz would be a safe choice, it was a truly awful experience and I never felt so unsafe in a rental, all while being in a foreign country with notoriously dodgy roads. I would be happy to file a claim for any sort of compensation from Hertz, but it seems they are dodging any responsibility and I don't care about a compensation in Croatia only, I picked up Hertz because it's an international company.
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Wed, Aug 19, 2020


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Mini | Volkswagen up! 4 Seats or similar
About Hertz: 10.0 /10
Like: We drove up the coast and saw alot of amazing views.
Dislike: We liked everything
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Reviewed: Tue, Sep 11, 2018

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