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About One Switch: 7.0 /10
The car was much bigger than the one we selected which was fine except for the gas usage. They charged a $1000 deposit even though we purchased coverage through EasyRentCars and had my own auto insurance. They also did not give me a receipt at drop off and then charged me an additional $120 without contacting me or giving me a reason for the additional charges. I would definitely avoid one switch for future rentals.
About Qeeq: 8.0 /10
Reviewed: Fri, Mar 6, 2020
Medium SUV | Toyota RAV4 or similar

Relevant Reviews on One Switch Orlando

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Intermediate | Toyota Corolla or similar
About One Switch: 2.0 /10
**STAY AWAY** They will force you to purchase their own insurance stating your personal insurance doesn’t have the required coverage (they require $300,000 coverage for property damage)!! Luis’ attitude is HORRIBLE!
Reviewed: Thu, Sep 5, 2019


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Compact | Nissan Versa Model Guaranteed
“Read the fine print they put a hold of $700 on my credit card and car had alignment issues”
About One Switch: 5.7 /10
This was not a great experience, to get there and be told I would have to have $700 put on my credit card did not impress me, I did not see it in the fine print, also they make you get a sunpass even if you don't use it, I might have used it once they made $75 off me for a week of sunpass that I did not use, I would have wanted to pay at the sunpass but no they got me there too, and the car had alignment issues the rubber in the trunk kept coming out, and i made sure to take pictures of the car as I left so I wouldn't be charged of all the dings and dents this car had, I wouldn't go through this again I would much rather pay at the airport and save myself these hassles just to save money that actually costed me more. Plus trying to find the place you have to take a shuttle and if you call they speak very little english and you can't understand them and then they hang up on you not a good experience. So glad to be home.
Reviewed: Sat, May 18, 2019


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Full Size | Toyota Camry or similar
“Terrible and awful experience”
About One Switch: 2.3 /10
Car was new but service at One Switch was the worst I have every experience in 35years of rentals. No spoke English clearly and tried CON job on us. Big issues with car insurance tried to force you to purchase there's for 199.00 BS. Will never use again also credit card comprised right after used there. Suspicious that's all.
Reviewed: Tue, May 14, 2019


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Intermediate | Toyota Corolla or similar
“Not the best.”
About One Switch: 6.0 /10
I was extremely disappointed with not being able to use my own insurance! No where did easycar mention the four only insurance companies one switch accepted. I ended up paying almost double than what I booked.
About Qeeq: 7.0 /10
post image
Reviewed: Sun, Apr 7, 2019


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Mini Van | Dodge Grand Caravan Model Guaranteed
“The desk rep was rude. He threatened me with additional charges.”
About One Switch: 5.0 /10
Horrible experience
post image
post image
Reviewed: Tue, Jan 29, 2019

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