Worst experience ever after 30 years of rental cars, see comments Green Motion

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Good afternoon. This is sent to Green Motion. And I'm still awaiting to recieve my deposite!. Dear lady/gent, To rent a car from your organization (Glasgow), was the worst experience ever in 30 years of rental cars around the globe. 1. Cost us 3/4 hour to get a pickup from the airport (is 3 minutes’ drive to rental station) 2. When we arrive, the following discussion started a. We do not accept AMEX, so this is a problem.!? I paid via Easy rent by AMEX b. Only solution to take a full insurance with roadside assistance plus, which costed more than 300 euro. And then the accept a European Bank card!? c. Also, a deposit was needed and I’m still waiting to get this back! 3. Cars that we receive; (we order a XC60 or similar) a. Peugeot 5008, nice car, but when we start the car, we mentioned a flat tire b. BMW 2 series (not similar), after 1 mile on highway, again flat tire • After 2 hours waiting on the highway, truck pick us up (and discussion started were to go, because he was ordered to go to BMW. Stupid discussion because we like back to the rental office. c. Then we receive a Kia Sportage (not similar car) • After 40 miles message, petrol empty. I thought failure from office and tank the car fully and also when I brought this back. This, because it’s a normal procedure (I Thought) d. We brought the car back, and ask about this issue, and discussion start about this. Explanation was, that they had now license to fill the cars, and even when he was empty, they give you (me in this case) a jerrycan to get some petrol from petrol station. Believe me, I rent a car almost every week, and never had an experience as this. Unfortunately, I see that my next booking is also (via Easy rent) with green motion but will be the last one. So, question now is, how to get my deposit back? I hope you can explain this all!? Arthur Poot +31650216722
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Reviewed: Mon, Sep 9, 2019
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