For The eBooks Lovers, Here Are The Best eReaders

Although many people still prefer good-old paperbacks, digital natives and people who travel a lot love their ebooks and ereaders.

For those reasons, we decided to introduce the best ereaders available today in the market. Here we go:

Kindle Oasis

Amazon revolutionized the e-reader with the Kindle Oasis’ daring design, great page-turn buttons, sharp screen, and giant ebook library.

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Kobo Forma

You can read in the bath with the water-resistant Kobo Forma and enjoy your favorite books on its big 8-inch screen.


Kobo Libra H2O

The Kobo Libra H2O is a finely-sized waterproof ereader you can take to the beach.


Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon’s new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite sits in the middle of the Kindle lineup with a sharp 6-inch screen and lots of great ebooks.

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Amazon Kindle

Amazon just updated its basic Kindle, and now that it has a front light, it’s the perfect e-reader for anyone who is on a budget.

Have you chosen yours?

Source: businessinsider.com

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