Price Drop Protector | An Innovative Feature Allowing You To Always Book Car Rentals At The Lowest Possible Price


Just as many airline companies, car rental companies are constantly tweaking their prices to accommodate the demand for the services that they offer. But is there a guaranteed way to get the lowest car rental available?

QEEQ has recently launched a ‘“Price Drop Protector” and you don’t have to go through the same car rental website again and again to find the best time to make a reservation. Once you turn on the Price Drop Protector, it will track your reservations’ rates every day till the price is at its lowest when it will notify you via email or help you to directly rebook the car with the same conditions but cheaper, refunding you the price difference. With Price Drop Protector, your reservation will become the lowest Price in any time.

Ken, the founder of QEEQ said: “It used to be such a hassle booking a hire-car. So many forms to fill in and hoops to jump through. I wanted to remove as much of that hassle as possible, and to guarantee our users the best possible price. That’s exactly what QEEQ offers.”

How much will Price Drop Protector save?

A lot. And you can always set or change your own target price. It might be 5%, 10%, 20%, or way more than that. The price drop usually depends on how many days you book ahead of travel. The earlier you book, the better chance you get.

Does that mean the earlier you book a car the cheaper its price will be?

The answer is no. According to QEEQ’s analysis on how booking dates affect rates, they observed the rate fluctuations from 5 famous international car rental chain companies and found that the price will increase if cars are booked only one or two days before the pick-up date. They also found that the car rental rates fluctuate irregularly over a longer period, which means even if you book a car 3 months before the designated pick-up date, you cannot be guaranteed that you will get the lowest price available.

QEEQ is a global car rental platform that is partnering with various car rental companies all around the world to find the best price for their customers. They search the car rental rates of the five biggest car rental chain companies in the world such as Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Alamo, and SIXT at Orlando International Airport to find the best price for their customers by comparing the price per day from March to August in 2018. Take Alamo as an instance, it is obvious that the rates range from 25USD to 50USD per day, and the maximum price gap reaching even more than 60USD. 

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