About Us

Our journey started in early 2017, with the mission of making your travels easier wherever you are and wherever you are going. Our fast growth and increasing global recognition have been illustrated by a nomination for the World Travel Awards 2019, which was preceded by a Magellan Gold Awards as well as a Travolution Award in 2018.

In March 2020, we were excited to unveil our new brand QEEQ. Formerly as a global car rental platform, QEEQ draws its inspiration from vehicles moving forward, with the surrounding diversity of our colourful world keeping its driver’s eyes wide open.

Meanwhile, an exciting new membership deal called QEEQ Rewards Club is launched. This program centralized exclusive deals on everyday life products, going from eye-popping discounts to offers completely free of charge, in order to give you access to the best offers out there.

QEEQ Rewards Club’s members enjoy exclusive discounts on Amazon shopping, streaming, hot games, news, and eBooks, as well as free access to 10K+ online courses, travel offers, and under-US$ 5 deals. Get your Free Registration now to start saving buckets on Amazon Premium, Netflix Premium, Spotify Premium, Hulu Premium, Youtube Premium, Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, Nintendo Switch, Kindle Unlimited, The Economist, and other more!