QEEQ Is Forging A Car Rental Community Called “QEEQ Road Trip”

Our journey started in early 2017, with the mission of making your travels easier wherever you are and wherever you are going. Our fast growth and increasing global recognition have been illustrated by a nomination for the World Travel Awards 2019, which was preceded by a Magellan Gold Awards as well as a Travolution Award in 2018.

In March 2020, we were excited to unveil our new brand QEEQ. The name change and brand evolution to QEEQ represent our expansion into broader services rather than just car rentals, with more savings for our customers. Clients can reserve trips with better world-wide deals and even purchase stay-at-home entertainment products. 

The name QEEQ was chosen because to a lot of people in the world it sounds like Quick. The double Qs also look like a racing car’s two side mirrors. For your next trip, think QEEQ racing to find you the best travel deals and member benefits on the QEEQ and easy way.

Currently, our car rental business is still on our high priority to help our valued customers take easy and simple road trip journeys. We will use QEEQ Car Rental section for car rental business in the future. To get our customers together, we are also planning to forge a car rental community called “QEEQ Road Trip” to gather our customers together. 

Due to our brand upgrade, you will find our social media pages are all experiencing upgrade recently. However, there is no need to worry about anything about this. We are still and will be always here with you!  You should be happy as we are offering incremental benefits for you. 

If you have followed our Facebook page previously, we are kindly reminding you that we are planning to change its name to “QEEQ Road Trip” soon. We will continue bringing fabulous travel tips, inspiration, destination guides on “QEEQ Road Trip” community. 

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