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The Ultimate Car Rental Checklist

Section 1: Collecting the Car (8 Steps)

Step 1: What do you need to bring to collect the car?

  • Driver’s Licence (+International Driving Permit)

Being held for at least 1 year (often 2 years) with no major endorsements

  • Credit Card(s)

In the name of the Main Driver and with sufficient funds for deposit

  • Forms of ID

A valid photo ID (Passport or National ID), or any other forms of identification

  • Printed Voucher


Step 2: Do you want to add an additional driver(s)?

YES Additional drivers MUST present their Full Driver’s Licence and may be charged

No Go to Step 3


Step 3: Additional charges at the rental counter?

Must – Car’s deposit & additional drivers fee (if any)

Other possible charges – Young Driver Fee, After-Hours Fee, Cross-border Fee and etc.


Step 4: Do you pick up the car on time?

YES – Go to Step 5

NO – Contact for permission: Early or late notification in advance is required (surcharge may occur). If you can’t reach the rental desk, please contact QEEQ.COM 24/7 customer service for help


Step 5: Does any promotion at the rental desk?

YES – It’s up to you (remember to check the price after you pay). If you don’t need it, say NO

NO – Go to Step 6


Step 6: Read the rental terms and conditions


Step 7: Check the car condition

  • Bad condition

Immediately raise the issue (if any) with the counter and request a replacement. If the problem cannot be solved, contact QEEQ.COM 24/7 customer service for help

  • Fuel

① Check the fuel type: petrol or diesel

② The Full-to-Full car: check if the fuel is full

  • Mileage

Check that the odometer on the dashboard matches the record at the rental counter


Step 8: Ask for the car rental agreement and the receipt, and check what you have been charged


Section 2: Using the Car (2 Steps)

Step 1: Do you need to cross the border?

YES Read the cross-border policy carefully, and confirm with the rental desk (NB: An additional fee may apply)

NO – Go to Step 2


Step 2: Did your car have an accident during the rental period?

YES – Contact the rental desk and follow the instructions. If you can’t reach the counter, contact QEEQ.COM 24/7 customer service for help

NO – Go to Section 3


Section 3: Returning the Car (8 Steps)

Step 1: Confirm the fuel status: are you returning with a full tank?

NB: if you’ve already paid for a full tank of fuel at the time of pick-up, go to Step 2

YES Go to Step 2 (keep the latest receipt from the fuel station)

NO Fueling up in advance or pay for a full tank at the counter (if you choose self-service return, the fuel fee and labor fee are required – please check the agreement details)


Step 2: Confirm your return time: do you return the car on time?

YES – Go to Step 3

NO Contact for permission: Inform the rental desk in advance if you want to return the rented car early or later (NB: The paid portion may not be refunded and the late-return compensation fee may be required)


Step 3: Confirm rental desk address and opening hours, do you return it during the business hours?

YES – Return to the rental desk, go to Step 4

NO – Self-service car return, go to Step 5


Step 4: What should you notice when returning your car to the rental desk?

  • Check the car

① Its recommended to take photos as evidence to avoid disputes over mileage, fuel, car damage or cleaning fee

② Anything left in the car?

  • Return the keys & rental equipment(s): ask the self-service return process of the rental equipment(s) in advance (if any)
  • Final Invoice (FI)

Confirm all information is correct.


Step 5: What should you pay attention to when choosing a self-service car return?

  • Take photos: Use Time-stamped Photos tavoid disputes
  • Dropbox: key + Rental Agreement

Step 6: What are the unknown deductions after returning? (keep the invoice for more than one month in case of dispute)

  • 1-100 USD: Traffic ticket fee, toll fee, and labor costs (in most cases)
  • >100 USD: Car damage may occur, go to Step 7


Step 7: If there’s any damage, what insurance claim materials do you need (QEEQ.COM)?

  • Statement of the loss/accident particulars
  • passport and driving license
  • Rental Agreement
  • Credit card statement
  • Damage invoice
  • Your Bank Information to Get Paid


Step 8: Have your Prior Authorization get released yet? (Turkey will actually deduct the fee, while the other countries will just put the money on hold)

  • It usually takes 1-2 months. If not, contact QEEQ.COM 24/7 customer service for help

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