Shocked: 10 Italian Superstitions

Throughout background, Italian culture has been abundant with superstitious notions forever or evil that remains to develop the basis of a lot of the Italian Life Guidelines. Today a site visitor might be shocked at which superstitious notions are taken seriously and which are taken with a grain of salt, so to speak.

1. The Wickedness Eye (Malocchio)

The Evil Eye is of the most ancient superstitions in Italy. Every region seems to have its version of the Wickedness Eye, however, some take it more seriously than others. Something they appear to have in common is that the Evil Eye is brought on by jealousy and envy. One examination for the Malocchio is done by dropping olive oil in a plate of water. If the oil creates one big drop in the center of the plate it’s a sure indication of the Evil Eye, but after chanting the ideal petitions that generally only females are permitted to understand, the oil might break up into little beads and spread out, therefore damaging the curse of the Evil Eye.

Italian superstitions

2. Lucky Numbers

The number 13 is fortunate in Italy, specifically when wagering. The number 13 is additionally connected with the Goddess of Fertility as well as the lunar cycles. It is assumed the number brings success as well as a plentiful life. Although 13 is considered fortunate, taking a seat to a table with 12 others is a sick prophecy. At the Last Dinner Jesus ate with his 12 adherents before, among them, Judas Iscariot betrayed him. Italians intend to avoid a comparable switching of the tables. In modern times it appears Friday 13 is beginning to shed its appeal in Italy, as with the rest of the globe.

Italian superstitions

3. Unlucky Numbers

The number 17 is thought about unlucky. This has to do with exactly how it is composed. Italians dislike the number a lot that some hotels don’t have a 17th level. When 17 is composed making use of Roman characters XVII, it can be repositioned to mean the Roman word VIXI meaning “I have lived” and also is discovered on old headstones, hence alluring death. When composed making use of Arabic numerals, 17 is still considered unfortunate because it appears like a guy hanging from a gallows.

Italian superstitions

4. Superstitions Concerning Bread

A loaf of bread has to constantly be positioned face-up, or else rotten luck will come. Again, in some cases, this has a basis in Christianity with the symbol of Christ as the Bread of Life. It is impolite to transform the bread up-side-down or to stick a blade into a loaf of bread. Bread is thought about a staple of life, therefore, every preventative measure is taken to stop cursing the supply.

Italian superstitions

5. No Birds in the House

The presence of a bird in the house (either as a pet dog or accidentally) brings rotten luck. Mere bird feathers, particularly peacock plumes with their Wickedness Eye, can curse a house or the wearer of a downy hat. Some say the superstition has a Christian origin from the Scriptures story where Peter rejected that he recognized Jesus three times before the cock crowed. Paints of birds additionally stay clear of.

Italian superstitions

6. The Witchdoctor (Mago/Maga)

Southern Italians, Sardinians and also Sicilians, primarily of the older generation, still blend herbal remedies and old superstitious notions. When home remedies did not function and also modern medication was not an option (from either lack of money or language), some areas have the services of a man or lady learned old practices, bordering on witchcraft. Older Sicilians can recall ancient ceremonies, involving making dolls to curse an opponent, amulets to protect themselves from evil, or, on a lot more silver lining, love potions to encourage a sluggish suitor.

Italian superstitions

7. Pet cats — Excellent as well as Poor

It misbehaves luck to have a black feline cross your course. On the other hand, it’s thought about good luck if you take place to hear a cat sneeze.

Italian superstitions

8. What Not to Put on a Bed

Do not put a hat on a bed. Generally, when the ill were on their deathbeds a clergyman would pertain to get their final confessions. The priest would remove his hat as well as set it on the bed to make sure that he might place on the vestments. Thus, a hat’s short-term relaxing area is associated with infinite rest, an idea that maintains Italians from resting quietly. A bed should never encounter the door because it replicates the placement of a casket in a church. Also, various other unlucky things to deflect the bed are garments hangers, hairbrushes, as well as shoes (certainly the last is a health concern, also).

Italian superstitions

9. Spills of All Kinds

Don’t spill salt or olive oil for anxiety of bad luck. This conception might have started as a trick to motivate individuals to handle formerly expensive goods with care. If it happens, however, throw a bit of salt over each shoulder or rub a decrease of oil behind each ear. If you spill white wine at the table, wet your fingers and swab some behind everyone’s ear.

Italian superstitions

10. A Word to the Wise

Never trim toe as well as fingernails on Thursday.

Don’t begin a journey, new project or obtain wed on a Friday or a Tuesday.

Never get a perm during your menstruation.

If you offer a gift of a brand-new wallet, constantly placed a minimum of a coin in it.

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