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Ivalo Car Rental

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Best price car rentals in Ivalo

Last updated on: June 30, 2020

  • Economy, Intermediate & Others

    • Volkswagen up!

      US$ 34/day

      Rent a car
    • Opel Karl

      US$ 34/day

      Rent a car
    • Volkswagen Polo

      US$ 36/day

      Rent a car
      • Peugeot 207

        US$ 37/day

      • Toyota Yaris

        US$ 39/day

      • Toyota Aygo

        US$ 40/day

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      Fold up

      • Budget Ivalo Volkswagen up Rental

        US$ 41/day

      • Budget Ivalo Skoda Fabia Rental

        US$ 41/day

      • Keddy by Europcar Ivalo Volkswagen Golf Rental

        US$ 43/day

      • Budget Ivalo Skoda Rapid Rental

        US$ 46/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Ford Focus Rental

        US$ 46/day

      • Keddy by Europcar Ivalo Audi A3 Rental

        US$ 46/day

      • Hertz Ivalo Ford Fiesta Rental

        US$ 47/day

      • Europcar Ivalo Nissan Micra Rental

        US$ 47/day

      • Europcar Ivalo Chevrolet Spark Rental

        US$ 47/day

      • Europcar Ivalo Peugeot 207 Rental

        US$ 47/day

      • GREEN MOTION Ivalo Toyota Yaris Hybrid Rental

        US$ 48/day

      • Europcar Ivalo Toyota Auris Rental

        US$ 49/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Seat Leon Rental

        US$ 50/day

      • Keddy by Europcar Ivalo Toyota Auris Wagon Rental

        US$ 50/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Skoda Octavia Rental

        US$ 57/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Seat Ibiza Rental

        US$ 57/day

      • GREEN MOTION Ivalo Mazda 2 Rental

        US$ 58/day

      • GREEN MOTION Ivalo Nissan Note Rental

        US$ 60/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Mercedes-Benz A Class Rental

        US$ 60/day

      • GREEN MOTION Ivalo Hyundai i20 Rental

        US$ 61/day

      • Europcar Ivalo Volkswagen Golf Estate Rental

        US$ 63/day

      • Hertz Ivalo Volvo V40 Rental

        US$ 66/day

      • GREEN MOTION Ivalo Skoda Octavia Estate Rental

        US$ 67/day

      • Hertz Ivalo Ford Focus Estate Rental

        US$ 78/day

      • AVIS Ivalo Toyota Avensis Rental

        US$ 79/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Renault Megane Estate Rental

        US$ 84/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Toyota Corolla Rental

        US$ 86/day

      • Hertz Ivalo Ford Mondeo Rental

        US$ 87/day

      • GREEN MOTION Ivalo Toyota Auris Wagon Hybrid Rental

        US$ 92/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Mercedes-Benz CLA Rental

        US$ 94/day

      • GREEN MOTION Ivalo Toyota Corolla Hybrid Rental

        US$ 99/day

      • Budget Ivalo Seat Leon Estate Rental

        US$ 102/day

      • Budget Ivalo Skoda Leon Rental

        US$ 102/day

      • Budget Ivalo Toyota Avensis Wagon Rental

        US$ 119/day

      • Hertz Ivalo Volvo S60 Rental

        US$ 134/day

      • Europcar Ivalo Audi A4L Rental

        US$ 154/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Volvo V60 Rental

        US$ 168/day

  • Full Size, Premium & Luxury

    • Volkswagen Passat Estate

      US$ 66/day

      Rent a car
    • Volkswagen Passat

      US$ 71/day

      Rent a car
    • Volkswagen Jetta

      US$ 73/day

      Rent a car
      • BMW 318 Touring

        US$ 77/day

      • Skoda Superb Estate

        US$ 85/day

      • Hyundai i30 Estate

        US$ 88/day

      Show other 35

      Fold up

      • SIXT Ivalo Skoda Superb Rental

        US$ 91/day

      • Europcar Ivalo Audi A4 Rental

        US$ 114/day

      • Europcar Ivalo BMW 318 Estate Rental

        US$ 116/day

      • Europcar Ivalo BMW 3 Series Touring Rental

        US$ 120/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Mercedes-Benz C Class Rental

        US$ 137/day

      • SIXT Ivalo BMW 3 Series Rental

        US$ 148/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Lexus IS Rental

        US$ 148/day

      • Hertz Ivalo Volvo V60 Estate Rental

        US$ 152/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Mercedes-Benz C Class Estate Rental

        US$ 156/day

      • Europcar Ivalo Audi A6 Estate Rental

        US$ 162/day

      • Europcar Ivalo Audi A6 Avant Rental

        US$ 167/day

      • Hertz Ivalo Volvo XC60 Rental

        US$ 192/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Mercedes-Benz E Class Rental

        US$ 196/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Mercedes-Benz E Class Estate Rental

        US$ 200/day

      • Budget Ivalo Audi A6 Rental

        US$ 216/day

      • AVIS Ivalo BMW 5 Series Rental

        US$ 227/day

      • GREEN MOTION Ivalo Mazda 6 Rental

        US$ 254/day

      • Europcar Ivalo Toyota Prado Rental

        US$ 270/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Mercedes-Benz C Class Cabrio Rental

        US$ 288/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Mercedes-Benz S Class Rental

        US$ 392/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Tesla Model S Rental

        US$ 540/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Tesla Model X Rental

        US$ 565/day

      • SIXT Ivalo Mercedes-Benz Maybach S-class Rental

        US$ 803/day

  • SUV

  • Van & Pickup Truck

6 Car Rental Brands in Ivalo, Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland

6Rental Locations

6Airport Locations

  • Hertz
  • Europcar
  • AVIS
  • Budget
  • Keddy by Europcar
  • Eco by Europcar

Map View of Car Rental Locations in Ivalo

Customer Reviews of Car Rentals

  • Budget


  • Europcar


  • Thrifty


  • Keddy by Europcar


    • Ivalo

      9.3/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: January 15, 2020

      Very nice staff. This is a rental in a different country, staff should re-explain all the rental conditions, insurance and any additional spending (if any) during pick-up.

      Read More >
    • Ivalo

      9.7/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: January 3, 2020

      Very punctual on pickup (it was Christmas day and it seemed like they showed up just to help us with the pickup). Our car got upgraded.

      Read More >
    • Ivalo

      9/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: March 21, 2019

      No problem, all was correct

      Read More >
    • N.Dedov


      9.7/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: March 14, 2019

      The car I hired was Toyota Yaris, but instead I received Opel Crosa, which is a disaster of a car, didn't enjoy it one bit. It was using more fuel than I expected, and it felt like it wasn't good enough for the price I payed. The customer service was good, I received my keys in no time and found the car in less than a minute.

      Read More >

13 Car Rental Locations at Ivalo Airport (IVL)

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