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Rent 15 Passenger Van with QEEQ

A 15 passenger van rental is your ultimate choice if you are taking a large group abroad. A 15 passenger van, larger than a 12 passenger van is characterized by a large, boxy appearance, a short hood, and very heavy cargo or passenger-hauling capacity. When you plan a team building trip, dividing a group into several rental vehicles ruins the original intention of bonding. If you are expecting a large family outing, separate rental cars get you into trouble taking care of everyone. Traveling in a large group create lots of problems and a Chevy Express passenger van rental helps you group all of your companions together. Not only can everyone get enough space and leg room but together in the same passenger vehicle enables you to stay on a time schedule as you have planned. A long trip with more people usually means a larger possibility of exceeding the budget, but a 15 passenger van helps save money with great fuel economy and additional fees for more than 2 rental vehicles. Start the road trip music and hit on the road! EasyRentCars partners with global and local rental companies to offer you a large car selection of 15 passenger vans, from Chevrolet Express to Ford Transit 15 Seats. No matter when and where you are traveling, EasyRentCars always provides you the best deal. If you are in need of help before, during or after the car rentals, please contact us for our 24/7 online customer service.

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