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Ready to start your road trips with your family or friends? Renting an Intermediate SUV with QEEQ will be a good decision. QEEQ divides SUV into three types by its size or class: the Intermediate/Standard SUV, the Full-size SUV and the Premium SUV. There are some differences between an Intermediate SUV and a Standard. Usually, an Intermediate SUV is smaller than a Standard, the passenger space of this two models is very roomy although the smaller midsize means that the seating arrangements can be a little different. It makes sense that the Intermediate is going to be significantly more fuel-efficient than the larger models. The standard SUV has been designed to stand out at off-road driving and towing, so the engine size is noticeably more powerful, which brings with it some loss of fuel efficiency. For business owners traveling to meet clients or partners or a small family trip, an Intermediate SUV is more appropriate. While if you pursue more dynamic driving experience or plan an off-road trip, then it’s definitely worth paying extra fuel costs for the additional safety and durability of the Standard SUV. QEEQ partners with the global and local rental cars company to offer you a large car selection of Intermediate/Standard SUV, such as Honda CRV, Jeep Wrangler, Subaru Forester and Nissan Juke. No matter when and where you are traveling, QEEQ always provides you with great prices and best car deals. If you are in need of help before, during or after the rentals, please contact us for our 24/7 online customer service.

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