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A full-size SUV rental is a premium choice whether you are planning a big family outing or have to take your whole team to a meeting abroad. A full-size SUV is able to fit up to 7 adults with 3 row of seating and provide plenty of room for about 4 big suitcases. If you are expecting long and exciting road trips, renting an SUV is perfect to offer a more comfortable ride. It cost less than sports cars, but with a four-wheel drive configuration, the incredible cruise control and off-road capabilities are not a halfpenny the worse. Moreover, a slightly higher driving position of a full-size SUV enables you to have a better view on the road trip.

QEEQ partners with global and local rental companies to offer you a large car selection of full-size SUVs, from Chevrolet Tahoe to Ford Expedition. No matter when and where you are traveling, QEEQ always provides you the best deal. If you are in need of help before, during or after the car rentals, please contact us for our 24/7 online customer service.

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