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Checklists That Can Make Your Rental Hassle-free (An Actionable Guide for EasyRentCars Renters)

dealing with accidents during car rental

1. Dealing With Accidents

The last thing you want to experience while renting a car is damaging the vehicle or having an accident. If you are in an unexpected situation like this we recommend you read the following information as a guide to help you get back on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

  • If the accident does not involve a third party:

Contact your rental company, tell them about the situation and ask them if they would like you to report the accident to the police. Wait for roadside assistance to help you if you require their service. You can find the roadside assistance number on your rental agreement or by calling your rental store.

If the car is not in good condition to drive your rental company can also arrange for a swap and inform you about where and how to pick up your new car.

  • If the accident involves a third party:

It’s best to always call the police regardless if you are responsible for the accident or not. Take pictures of the accident and wait for the police on site, get an accident report as well as the name, contact information and number plate of the third party. Communicate this information with your car rental company and give them the police-issued accident report when you return your vehicle.

In terms of damage repair, you will need to pay for the damages first before claiming a refund with your rental company post returning your vehicle. The refund amount you receive is subject to the insurance coverage plan you paid for.


2. Returning Your Car

  • If you return your rental vehicle with a car rental agent present:

Park the rental vehicle at one of the designated spots and your car rental agent will examine the car and make note of the exact time and condition of drop off. Ask the car rental agent to provide you with a receipt, look over it and ask the agent any questions or queries you might have about services you’ve received and paid for.

EasyRentCars encourages customers to take photos of both the exterior and interior of the car, as well as the odometer, oil meter, and even your fuel receipts. Make sure the time and date are visible on your photos to avoid any possible issues.

  • If you return the rental vehicle to a self-service kiosk:

Make sure you return your rental car keys to the Key Box/Drop Box located at the self-service kiosk. Take pictures of your receipt to avoid any future disputes.

  • If you want to return your car earlier:

Car rental companies allow renters to return the car earlier than their scheduled drop off date and time. If your rental rate is subject to the Pay Now or Pay Partial payment type, car rental companies won’t refund you for the remaining unused days. If your rental rate is subject to the Pay at Pickup then your final price will be re-calculated based on your total rental period. Keep in mind that rental companies may choose to revoke rental discounts if you are entitled to an early return refund.

  • If you need to return the car later:

If you need to return the car later than the scheduled drop off date, call your local car rental store in advance and give them your rental agreement number, driver’s license, and plate number, as well as your credit card information. Normally extended dates will be subject to a new rate per day, which is usually higher than the original daily rate you’ve been quoted during online reservation. We suggest you take note of the name of the car rental agent who you speak with to avoid any future issues.

one of hertz's rental car return locations in downtown

3. Checklist Upon Return

  • Know Your Fuel Policy

Most rental packages on EasyRentCars have a Full to Full fuel policy. If your rental rate states that you have this policy make sure you completely fill up your petrol tank before returning your car.

  • Keep the Car Clean

Unpleasant smells and mess such as cigarettes, vomit and food scraps will most likely incur a cleaning fee upon pick up. You should always ask yourself whether you would be willing to rent the same car that you are about to return as a general rule to help ensure you return your rental car in a clean, presentable state.

  • Maintain the Contract

We suggest you keep your car rental contract, documents and all related pictures safely stored until your deposit is refunded to avoid any issues. If a situation presents itself after you have returned your rental car EasyRentCars can better assist you if you have these documents handy.

  • What If Damages Occurred:

Take pictures of any damages on your rental car if there are any at the time of return. You should also ask for an official damage report from your car rental company. As a standard procedure, you will need to pay for any damages incurred during the rental period before submitting a claim for a refund from your car rental insurance.

At the time of booking, you will be able to clearly see what insurance coverage plan you have. If your rental rate includes any of the following insurance coverage plans: Full Plus, Premium Protection, and Super Protection, then a customer service representative from EasyRentCars will email you about the credentials and evidence you need to provide in order to assist you in a refund claim. If your insurance coverage is either the Basic Protection or Basic Plus plan then your refund is subject to the amount deducted from the excess. If your insurance coverage belongs to the No Protection or Limited Protection plans, you aren’t eligible for a refund.

4. Dealing with Unexpected Charges

  • If the charges occur upon return:

Usually, any unexpected charges would happen at the time of returning your rental car and these would relate to any extra insurances or services you have purchased over the counter. We suggest you double-check your rental agreement or receipt for specifics. In the event you can’t find these documents, call, email or chat with one of EasyRentCars’ 24/7 customer service representatives who can assist you.

  • If the charges occur after the car is returned:

These charges would usually relate to traffic infringements such as illegally parking, speeding or passing through an electronic toll station without paying. Charges will also include any incurred administrative fees set by your car rental company. A fine notice will be sent to you by authorities and if you don’t receive a fine notice please contact one of EasyRentCars’ helpful customer service representatives for further assistance.

  • Cancel Pre-Authorization:

Pre-authorization is car rental jargon for ‘deposit’. Most local car rental stores will block or hold the deposit on the main driver’s credit card. It usually takes one or two months for you to receive your funds, however, actual processing time varies depending on location and banks. Rentals in the US normally take as little as one week for deposit money to be returned to your credit card.

If you have any questions regarding your deposit return, please don’t hesitate to contact EasyRentCars’ customer service representatives who are ready to assist you 24/7.

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