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Best price car rentals in Sharjah

Last updated on: July 10, 2020

  • Economy, Intermediate & Others

    • Kia Picanto

      US$ 21/day

      Rent a car
    • Chevrolet Spark

      US$ 22/day

      Rent a car
    • Nissan Micra

      US$ 22/day

      Rent a car
      • Chevrolet Aveo

        US$ 22/day

      • Nissan Sunny

        US$ 23/day

      • Toyota Yaris

        US$ 23/day

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      • Budget Sharjah Opel Corsa Rental

        US$ 24/day

      • Thrifty Sharjah Ford Figo Rental

        US$ 24/day

      • Europcar Sharjah Hyundai Accent Rental

        US$ 24/day

      • Thrifty Sharjah Mitsubishi Lancer Rental

        US$ 24/day

      • Europcar Sharjah Mitsubishi Lancer Rental

        US$ 25/day

      • Europcar Sharjah Nissan Sentra Rental

        US$ 25/day

      • AVIS Sharjah Toyota Echo Rental

        US$ 25/day

      • AVIS Sharjah Suzuki Swift Rental

        US$ 25/day

      • Europcar Sharjah Chevrolet Cruze Rental

        US$ 27/day

      • Europcar Sharjah Mazda 3 Rental

        US$ 27/day

      • Hertz Sharjah Toyota Corolla Rental

        US$ 27/day

      • Thrifty Sharjah Nissan Tiida Rental

        US$ 30/day

      • Thrifty Sharjah Toyota Camry Rental

        US$ 37/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Nissan Altima Rental

        US$ 44/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Alfa Romeo Giulietta Rental

        US$ 49/day

      • Budget Sharjah Chevrolet Impala Rental

        US$ 53/day

      • AVIS Sharjah Chevrolet Caprice Rental

        US$ 56/day

      • Thrifty Sharjah Dodge Charger Rental

        US$ 58/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Volkswagen Golf Rental

        US$ 58/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Mercedes-Benz A Class Rental

        US$ 77/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Mercedes-Benz CLA Rental

        US$ 81/day

      • Dollar Sharjah MINI Cooper Rental

        US$ 95/day

      • Europcar Sharjah BMW 320i Rental

        US$ 105/day

      • CARGETS Sharjah Audi A3 Rental

        US$ 115/day

      • Dollar Sharjah Dodge Challenger Rental

        US$ 160/day

  • Full Size, Premium & Luxury

    • Volkswagen Jetta

      US$ 32/day

      Rent a car
    • Mazda 6

      US$ 33/day

      Rent a car
    • Chevrolet Malibu

      US$ 34/day

      Rent a car
      • Volkswagen Passat

        US$ 35/day

      • Honda Accord

        US$ 40/day

      • Infiniti Q50

        US$ 48/day

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      • SIXT Sharjah Alfa Romeo Giulia Rental

        US$ 62/day

      • Europcar Sharjah Volvo S90 Rental

        US$ 64/day

      • Europcar Sharjah Audi A6 Rental

        US$ 66/day

      • Europcar Sharjah Toyota Prado Rental

        US$ 67/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Mercedes-Benz C Class Rental

        US$ 92/day

      • Europcar Sharjah Infiniti QX80 Rental

        US$ 95/day

      • AVIS Sharjah Infiniti Q70 Rental

        US$ 100/day

      • Europcar Sharjah BMW 5 Series Rental

        US$ 107/day

      • Europcar Sharjah BMW 3 Series Rental

        US$ 108/day

      • Hertz Sharjah Lexus IS Rental

        US$ 110/day

      • Budget Sharjah Cadillac Ct6 Rental

        US$ 133/day

      • Hertz Sharjah Lexus ES Rental

        US$ 152/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Mercedes-Benz E Class Rental

        US$ 178/day

      • CARGETS Sharjah BMW 4 Series Cabrio Rental

        US$ 195/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Maserati Levante Rental

        US$ 228/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Maserati Gran Turismo Rental

        US$ 276/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Mercedes-Benz S Class Rental

        US$ 285/day

      • CARGETS Sharjah Porsche Boxster Cabrio Rental

        US$ 304/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Maserati Ghibli Rental

        US$ 311/day

      • Thrifty Sharjah Audi A8 Rental

        US$ 319/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Maserati GranTurismo Convertible Rental

        US$ 351/day

      • CARGETS Sharjah Land Rover Vogue Rental

        US$ 489/day

      • CARGETS Sharjah Lamborghini Huracan Rental

        US$ 757/day

      • CARGETS Sharjah Ferrari 488 Spider Rental

        US$ 1,058/day

      • CARGETS Sharjah Rolls-Royce Ghost Rental

        US$ 1,188/day

      • CARGETS Sharjah Rolls-Royce WRAITH Rental

        US$ 1,260/day

  • SUV

    • Hyundai Creta

      US$ 30/day

      Rent a car
    • Ford Ecosport

      US$ 30/day

      Rent a car
    • Chevrolet trax

      US$ 31/day

      Rent a car
      • GAC Trumpchi GS5

        US$ 35/day

      • Kia Sportage

        US$ 36/day

      • Dacia Duster

        US$ 41/day

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      • Thrifty Sharjah Renault Duster Rental

        US$ 44/day

      • SIXT Sharjah GAC Trumpchi Trumpchi GS3 Rental

        US$ 44/day

      • AVIS Sharjah Mitsubishi ASX Rental

        US$ 46/day

      • AVIS Sharjah Mazda CX-5 Rental

        US$ 46/day

      • Europcar Sharjah Mitsubishi Pajero Rental

        US$ 46/day

      • Hertz Sharjah Honda CR-V Rental

        US$ 46/day

      • Thrifty Sharjah Nissan X-Trail Rental

        US$ 48/day

      • Dollar Sharjah Ford Edge Rental

        US$ 48/day

      • Hertz Sharjah Kia Sportage Rental

        US$ 49/day

      • SIXT Sharjah GAC Trumpchi GS4 Rental

        US$ 50/day

      • Budget Sharjah Toyota Fortuner Rental

        US$ 51/day

      • Thrifty Sharjah Ford Escape Rental

        US$ 52/day

      • AVIS Sharjah Peugeot 3008 Rental

        US$ 55/day

      • Europcar Sharjah Ford Explorer Rental

        US$ 55/day

      • Hertz Sharjah Toyota RAV4 Rental

        US$ 57/day

      • Europcar Sharjah Volkswagen Teramont Rental

        US$ 65/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Alfa Romeo Stelvio Rental

        US$ 70/day

      • Europcar Sharjah Chevrolet Tahoe Rental

        US$ 71/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Jeep Wrangler Rental

        US$ 74/day

      • Europcar Sharjah Toyota Land Cruiser Rental

        US$ 94/day

      • SIXT Sharjah GAC Trumpchi GS8 Rental

        US$ 112/day

      • Thrifty Sharjah Nissan Patrol Rental

        US$ 117/day

      • Hertz Sharjah Toyota Land Cruiser Rental

        US$ 121/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Mercedes-Benz GLE Rental

        US$ 230/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Mercedes-Benz GLS Rental

        US$ 271/day

      • CARGETS Sharjah Audi Q7 Rental

        US$ 272/day

      • SIXT Sharjah Mercedes-Benz GL Rental

        US$ 286/day

      • CARGETS Sharjah Cadillac Escalade Rental

        US$ 292/day

      • CARGETS Sharjah Mercedes-Benz G Class Rental

        US$ 379/day

  • Van & Pickup Truck

6 Car Rental Brands in Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

12Rental Locations

8Airport Locations

  • Hertz
  • Europcar
  • AVIS
  • Keddy by Europcar
  • Budget

Map View of Car Rental Locations in Sharjah

Customer Reviews of Car Rentals

  • AVIS


  • Budget


  • Hertz




  • Europcar


    • S.Al Shemeili


      9.3/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: July 26, 2019

      Thank you for your service

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      5/10 Average

      Reviewed: August 2, 2019

      It takes me at least 40 minutes to get the car , and when I returned the car, they charged me double the fuel price without telling me that before, they are really manipulating their customers to get maximum money they could take, bad experience

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    • A.Alessa


      3/10 Poor

      Reviewed: September 25, 2019

      The car wasn’t clean , it has a bad smell , the petroleum wasn’t full . They didn’t accept a credit card with enough amounts that was expected in many countries. They charges wasn’t clear for me and after I return the car they charge an d they didn’t send me an invoice with details. Very bad experience with a bad company.

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    • O.H


      8.7/10 Very Good

      Reviewed: February 14, 2020

      Car was brand new.

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    • S.Al Shemeili


      10/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: August 21, 2019

      Thank you for your service and waiting for my points to receive

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    • A.Kamoona


      6.3/10 Average

      Reviewed: September 6, 2019

      Time spent on pick up or drop off is above average. The car seats were dirty No hidden fees are found

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    • R.Ramasamy


      10/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: September 17, 2018

      Like: All the above
      Dislike: None

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    • A.Alismail


      6/10 Average

      Reviewed: June 25, 2019

      They charged me with extra amount and I didn’t receive the receipt

      Read More >

11 Car Rental Locations at Sharjah Airport (SHJ)

Car Rentals Near Landmarks or Places of Interest in Sharjah

  • Park

  • Museum

  • Shopping Center

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