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Ponta Delgada Car Rental

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Best price car rentals in Ponta Delgada

Last updated on: March 29, 2023

  • Economy, Intermediate & Others

    • Renault Twingo

      US$ 16/day

      Rent a car
    • Smart fortwo

      US$ 17/day

      Rent a car
    • Toyota Aygo

      US$ 17/day

      Rent a car
      • Fiat Panda

        US$ 18/day

      • Renault Clio

        US$ 19/day

      • Citroen C1

        US$ 24/day

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      Fold up

      • Wayzor rent a car Ponta Delgada Opel Corsa Rental

        US$ 24/day

      • ILHA VERDE Ponta Delgada Ford Focus Rental

        US$ 25/day

      • MICAUTO Ponta Delgada Fiat Punto 2doors Rental

        US$ 26/day

      • Europcar Ponta Delgada Opel Adam Rental

        US$ 28/day

      • Europcar Ponta Delgada Seat Ibiza Rental

        US$ 30/day

      • Keddy by Europcar Ponta Delgada Peugeot 107 Rental

        US$ 30/day

      • Europcar Ponta Delgada Peugeot 108 Rental

        US$ 31/day

      • AVIS Ponta Delgada Fiat 500 Rental

        US$ 31/day

      • ILHA VERDE Ponta Delgada Ford Fiesta Rental

        US$ 32/day

      • MICAUTO Ponta Delgada Citroen C3 Rental

        US$ 33/day

      • Alamo Ponta Delgada Volkswagen up Rental

        US$ 34/day

      • AVIS Ponta Delgada Hyundai i10 Rental

        US$ 35/day

      • MICAUTO Ponta Delgada Volkswagen up! Rental

        US$ 36/day

      • Wayzor rent a car Ponta Delgada Volkswagen Polo Rental

        US$ 37/day

      • SIXT Ponta Delgada Renault Megane Rental

        US$ 40/day

      • Guerin Ponta Delgada Citroen C4 Cactus Rental

        US$ 47/day

      • Wayzor rent a car Ponta Delgada Volkswagen Golf Rental

        US$ 48/day

      • Alamo Ponta Delgada Toyota Yaris Rental

        US$ 48/day

      • Europcar Ponta Delgada Skoda Scala Rental

        US$ 49/day

      • SIXT Ponta Delgada Renault Captur Rental

        US$ 50/day

      • Guerin Ponta Delgada Peugeot 308 Rental

        US$ 50/day

      • SIXT Ponta Delgada Fiat Punto Rental

        US$ 50/day

      • SIXT Ponta Delgada Renault Megane Estate Rental

        US$ 51/day

      • SIXT Ponta Delgada Seat Leon Rental

        US$ 51/day

      • Keddy by Europcar Ponta Delgada Opel Astra Rental

        US$ 53/day

      • Europcar Ponta Delgada Citroen C Elysee Rental

        US$ 63/day

      • MICAUTO Ponta Delgada Peugeot 208 Rental

        US$ 64/day

      • Guerin Ponta Delgada Mercedes Benz B Class Rental

        US$ 64/day

      • ILHA VERDE Ponta Delgada Ford Focus Estate Rental

        US$ 68/day

      • Europcar Ponta Delgada Alfa Romeo Giulietta Rental

        US$ 69/day

      • Keddy by Europcar Ponta Delgada Audi A3 Rental

        US$ 70/day

      • Europcar Ponta Delgada BMW 1 Series Rental

        US$ 71/day

      • ACE Ponta Delgada Kia Picanto Rental

        US$ 75/day

      • ACE Ponta Delgada Hyundai Accent Rental

        US$ 83/day

      • ILHA VERDE Ponta Delgada Renault Captur hatchback Rental

        US$ 86/day

      • Europcar Ponta Delgada Peugeot 508 Rental

        US$ 92/day

      • SIXT Ponta Delgada Mercedes-Benz A Class Rental

        US$ 105/day

      • Alamo Ponta Delgada Hyundai i30 Rental

        US$ 110/day

      • Thrifty Ponta Delgada Opel Astra Estate Rental

        US$ 111/day

      • Thrifty Ponta Delgada Fiat Tipo Rental

        US$ 113/day

      • Guerin Ponta Delgada Fiat 500X Rental

        US$ 117/day

      • Thrifty Ponta Delgada Nissan Micra Rental

        US$ 120/day

  • SUV

  • Full Size, Premium & Luxury

  • Van & Pickup Truck

5 Car Rental Brands in Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal

6Rental Locations

5Airport Locations

  • Hertz
  • AVIS
  • Europcar
  • Alamo
  • Keddy by Europcar

Map View of Car Rental Locations in Ponta Delgada

Customer Reviews of Car Rentals

  • Keddy by Europcar


  • Drive On Holidays


  • Wayzor rent a car


  • Guerin






  • Alamo




  • Interrent


    • P.Trynka

      Ponta Delgada

      9.7/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: November 24, 2022

      The car met my expectations. Very smooth and fast pick-up and drop-off. Kind and helpful staff.

      Read More >
    • NaoGosyDeSerEnganado

      Ponta Delgada

      7.3/10 Good

      Reviewed: September 14, 2019

      LUIS PONTE was very UNPROFESSIONAL, rude and arrogant.when I dropped off the vehicle the inspection with done with a fine tooth “ per say”. It was a very very thorough inspection. MELVIN even went on his knees in front of every tire to inspect for damage HOWEVER when I picked up the vehicle he wasn’t very keen on documenting all the existing damage on the vehicle. That made me very uncomfortable as if they are looks for tho fa to charge you when you drop off the vehicle.

      Read More >
    • R.Sperling

      Ponta Delgada

      10/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: June 18, 2019

      Excellent customer service.

      Read More >
    • m.alvarado phang

      Ponta Delgada

      8/10 Very Good

      Reviewed: September 21, 2022

      El coche era lo que esperaba, lo que sin duda no me esperaba fue el trato recibido, ya había visto que a la clienta anterior no la trataron muy amablemente, pero sin duda no me esperaba que nos tratasen tan mal, 2 de los 3 trabajadores son persona súper desagradables, hubo un malentendido en la comunicación en inglés, y el que nos atendió empezó a gritarnos y diciéndonos que queríamos estafarlo y que le estábamos mintiendo, cuando ya me habían quitado ya los 880€ de la cuenta para el depósito. Había hecho la reserva por Internet con la tarjeta de crédito y al llegar a la recogida solo llevaba la tarjeta de crédito en el móvil, por lo que pagué el deposito con la de débito porque su datafono no tiene contactless y como no era la misma el tío empezó a decirnos que si nos pensábamos que era una broma y que ahora no iba a poder devolvernos la fianza porque no es la misma tarjeta , después de un intercambio de palabras y diciéndole que no pasaba nada, llamábamos a la policía para solucionar el malentendido al final nos dieron el coche y nos fuimos, al devolver el coche efectivamente no hubo ningún problema para la devolución de la fianza. Sin duda no recomiendo el alquiler de drive on holidays de ponta delgada

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    • Soares dos Reis

      Ponta Delgada

      4.7/10 Average

      Reviewed: July 13, 2022

      O carro tinha 18 danos registados e não reparados. Tive um acidente e os danos novos coincidiam, em parte, com danos já existentes! Paguei mais de 900€ de reparação, por um carro em mau estado de conservação. Como diz o povo quem estraga velho paga novo! Sinto-me defraudado. Vou reclamar na Wayzor

      Read More >
    • J.Ferro

      Ponta Delgada

      10/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: June 25, 2019

      It was a great experience, I would certainly go back

      Read More >
    • O.Bitan

      Ponta Delgada

      10/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: November 26, 2021

      Great service, nice people!

      Read More >
    • W.Pajak

      Ponta Delgada

      9.3/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: November 9, 2021

      Nissan Micra with 50.000 km of mileage didn’t manage to go up some hills of Acores islands (just on first gear). It’s better to take stronger engine.

      Read More >
    • C.Carreiro

      Ponta Delgada

      10/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: May 2, 2020

      Have rented from Ilha Verde before and it has always been a very good experience.

      Read More >
    • David

      Ponta Delgada

      9.3/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: January 27, 2020

      It was all very good except for the 10 euro paid on collection for cleaning. I don't remember there being any mention of it before. The overall price would still have been extremely good but little hidden charges are so annoying and disappointing. There was a large scratch under the front of the car. This was not marked on the existing damage sheet. However, it turned out they did have a record of the damage, so that was OK but a worry for a while.

      Read More >
    • Ponta Delgada

      9.7/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: January 1, 2020

      We were very pleased with the car and the rental price. One suggestion I would make would be to eliminate the charge for cleaning. When we got the car we were told there would be a 11 euro charge to clean the car but we would get this back if we cleaned the car ourselves. My husband hand washed the car plus we took it through a car wash and vacuumed the inside and wiped down all the surfaces. When we returned the car we were told it was not clean enough. We challenged this and after much discussion were credited our 11 euros. I think this is not a good process. I want to affirm that we were very happy with the car during our stay and the staff were very courteous and helpful.

      Read More >
    • John

      Ponta Delgada

      8/10 Very Good

      Reviewed: October 28, 2019

      Had to pay 10 euros to have the car washed?? Why??

      Read More >
    • D.Pinto

      Ponta Delgada

      9.3/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: March 10, 2020

      No issues at pickup nor drop-off, and they were always available if something came up.

      Read More >
    • Ponta Delgada

      9/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: January 10, 2020

      The location is not at the airport, however there is a shuttle service. Customer service was good.

      Read More >
    • T.Garnons-Williams

      Ponta Delgada

      9/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: November 26, 2019

      Service was very good. Pleasant staff. The car wasn't in the greatest condition but the roads in the area are a bit rough too.

      Read More >
    • C.Carreiro

      Ponta Delgada

      7.7/10 Good

      Reviewed: November 10, 2019

      This company does not have a counter at the airport. Because we arrived earlier at the airport it was very difficult to find out where to pick up the car, after making several inquiries from other at other counters we were told that a bus would should up in the parking lot at some point. by going on line we were able to find a main number in Lisbon and called it, after a 15 minute wait the agent told us that the bus would be arriving in 10 minutes. Half an hour went buy and still no bus, finally we were able to locate a local number and managed to arrange for a pick up to their location a few minutes outside the airport. When we got to the rental location, we were told that our car was not available because we were an hour early and the only choice was to take an upgrade for an extra 60.00 Euros or wait an hour, we agreed to pay the extra since we had to be somewhere quickly.

      Read More >
    • Pedro

      Ponta Delgada

      7.3/10 Good

      Reviewed: October 20, 2019

      The Pickup place is outside of the airport... Next time I will pay the small difference (2€) on other airport rent car company just to not waste more time on looking for the transfer and the traveling time to the Pickup place.

      Read More >

      Ponta Delgada

      10/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: November 15, 2019

      Everything was ok

      Read More >
    • Steve O

      Ponta Delgada

      10/10 Excellent

      Reviewed: July 31, 2019

      We had an amazing car in great condition. The experience couldn’t have been easier. We were met at the airport for pick up and drop off. Operation of the car was explained clearly and was a joy to drive.

      Read More >
    • M.Perrin

      Ponta Delgada

      2/10 Poor

      Reviewed: April 18, 2019

      Once we arrived on site, none of our 3 card (issued from 3 different banks) matched their deposit system for the car. But no problem, staff offered us right away a solution : to buy a higher insurance for the car that costs 130€ ! All the other custumers we encounter on site have had the same issue and they were all, unlike us, from the country. Everybody was all angry. Don't ever use this platform, it's a con. Interrent that I could talk on the phone too, couldn't do anything, even if they provided the reservation. RUN !!

      Read More >

15 Car Rental Locations at Ponta Delgada Airport (PDL)

Car Rentals Near Landmarks or Places of Interest in Ponta Delgada

  • Others

  • Historical Site

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