Average rating on Alamo at Palm Springs Airport: 9.1 /10


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Intermediate | Hyundai Elantra or similar
“Great rental person but trouble with cars”
About Alamo: 8.0 /10
Better quality of car
Reviewed: Thu, Dec 24, 2020


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Standard SUV | Jeep Grand Cherokee or similar
About Alamo: 9.4 /10
Like: The staff were pretty accommodating and nice upon our arrival.
Dislike: We arrived about 1-1/2 hour early for drop off and almost an hour before our flight when we entered the immigration. My husband remembered that he forgot his vest hanging behind the driver's seat. He immediately went back to Alamo and told them about the vest. The staff at the counter told him that the car is already a mile away and there was no vest returned to their L&F, not knowing that my husband, together with another staff already looked at the car prior to approaching him. The staff knew that my husband has a flight to catch so there seems to be a delaying tactic so that he would just go. He was already on his way back to immigration until he met a security and told him about the missing vest. The security told him that he gave the vest to the staff at the counter and they both went to the counter and approached the staff. It was only then that the staff took out the vest and asked if that is the one my husband was looking for. All along the vest was with him. My husband told him that if he wanted the vest he could have asked for it instead of denying that it wasn't there. He just went back for it because he want to check the pockets whether he left some papers or IDs.
Reviewed: Sun, Jul 8, 2018

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