About Advantage: 7.0 /10
Worst rental
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Sun, Sep 29, 2019
Special | Manager`s Choice Compact Or Higher or similar

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Standard | Hyundai Sonata or similar
About Advantage: 10.0 /10
Great customer service
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Fri, Sep 13, 2019


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Economy | Toyota Yaris 2 Doors Hybrid or similar
“What could have been excellent, turned out unpleasent.”
About Advantage: 7.3 /10
I've had the most unpleasant experience during the process of picking up the car. First, It was supposed to be all paid for (I made the reservation through Easyrentcars). The booking clearly said: "amount due to at pick up: U$S 0.00". But out of the blue, the gentleman who received me, told me I had to pay U$S 29 (more or less, I can't recall exactly). After several times I said I didn't have to pay anything, finally I had to accept this unfair charge in order to get the car. Secondly, he told me that the model I booked, wasn't available (Toyota Yaris Hybrid, but any other ecological model would have done it) and that I had to pay U$S 90 more for another kind of vehicle. This, I refused and finally got a nice car (but notghing ecological). Finally, I tried several times to explain the gentleman on the front desk that since I paid my booking with Visa Platinum, I ALREADY HAD insurance and (as instructed by VISA), I should decline the insurance they offered me. At this point, the thing got stopped because Jamen (this was his name) told me it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to take the car unless I pay more or less U$S 130 more for the insurance, or even more for the coverage of car malfunction. Finally, I paid more than U$S 200 extra (not included the charge for prepaid fuel, which I don't claim). So I hope and I expect easyrentcars and/or advantage will fill this situacion.
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Sat, Jun 15, 2019


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Intermediate | Hyundai Sonata or similar
“It was truly apprectiated and the counter lady has great customer service.”
About Advantage: 10.0 /10
Like: Everything was perfect.
Reviewed: Thu, Jul 5, 2018


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Economy | Toyota Yaris 2 Doors or similar
“good experience”
About Advantage: 8.0 /10
Like: it was great to have insurance included, gives a piece of mind and safety
Dislike: it was not sparkly clean
Reviewed: Thu, May 3, 2018

Don't Worry About It

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Intermediate | Hyundai Sonata or similar
“better than expected!”
About Advantage: 9.8 /10
Like: After I payed for my car rental through advantage before leaving for my trip, a couple days later is when I looked at the reviews and man, they were terrible. It made me wanna cancel my reservation, get a refund and rent from somewhere else. But I just said I'll give it a chance because I didn't wanna go through the hassle. Got to LA, and it ended up being a very good experience actually. I had no problems at all. As soon as I went outside to wait for the shuttle, it arrived literally like not even 2 minutes of waiting. Got to the place and waited in line for like 8 minutes. The guy was quick and easy. He wasn't very smiley and friendly though, which is what I like to see in people, even if it's fake haha. He tried to get me to get insurance and I told him no and then after trying to push a little harder, he stopped. After being with him for about 6 minutes, he gave me the contract or whatever you call it to sign, then I went to my rental. It was very nice and in good shape. I read a lot of people complained the car they got was in bad shape, or dirty and/or smelled, etc. Nope, I got a 2018 Toyota Camry and it was beautiful! There was a few scratches and a big scrape towards the bottom, which it wasn't even visible unless you really looked hard, but I took pictures of everything before the guy inspected it, then I left. I had it for a week. Dropped it back at the time I said, the girl did a quick inspection and said everything was good and I went to the shuttle and the guy took us right away to the airport. I was worried also because a lot of people said they would get charged for random little charges that the employees couldn't explain after bringing it back. I made sure the car was full of gas, cleaned, wiped down and vacuumed before I returned it so I wouldn't be charged for bs cleaning charges, but it's been a week and I haven't gotten any charge taken and I got an email from advantage with my inspection on it, the contract with all the info and then it
Reviewed: Tue, Apr 24, 2018

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