About reach rental: 4.0 /10
Appalling company. I couldn't find the offices for starters. The directions were non existent. I paid for a guaranteed CRV - But it wasn't available. They offered a Tiguan (which should have been fine) but it was a nail. Masking tape covering a hold on the door. The battery packed in and we were parked on a "tow" zone in San Francisco. The customer service team were on voicemail and at no point did they return the call. At all. I had to get a mechanic out to jump start the car at my expense. Eventually I heard back by text from a guy who told me to go and get the battery changed at my cost. I finally drove it to one of their offices and insisted on a new car. I got it changed to a RAV4 which couldn't have been cleaned since it was bought. It was disgusting. Dont use these people
About QEEQ: 8.0 /10
Reviewed: Mon, Sep 2, 2019
Medium SUV | Honda CR-V Model Guaranteed

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Premium | Ford Mustang Model Guaranteed
About reach rental: 10.0 /10
Very good service!
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Wed, Mar 18, 2020

Mengchan Lv

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Premium SUV | Lexus NX200t or similar
About reach rental: 10.0 /10
Very good experience, good service and easy to pick up the car. I will definitely come back next time
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
Easy and convenient to use
Reviewed: Thu, Mar 12, 2020


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Convertible | BMW 430i Cabrio Model Guaranteed
“Simply a bait and switch paid $566 for a convertible and was given an old bmw 5 seris hard top”
About reach rental: 4.7 /10
No pure bait and switch I hired a nice bmw 4 series convertible and was given an old dented 5 series bmw with bad brakes.
Reviewed: Tue, Apr 2, 2019


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Medium SUV | Toyota RAV4 Model Guaranteed
“I tried to call to explain how horrible my experience with reach rental was and the lady did nothing”
About reach rental: 4.0 /10
The place was shady and ridiculously un professional. I will NEVER go back and they wasted 30 minutes of my time giving me the wrong car, because they didn’t take the time to get my name. Even though I asked is this car for ******* and he said yes. The original car was not in condition to leave and then the car we ended up getting was dirty and damaged. There was no actual office. You had to meet them in an alley and the communication was horrible. You had to literally call multiple numbers to get anything done, such as get a shuttle to pick you up. And the shuttle was horrendous. The worst part would have to be that the man felt it was okay to take a picture of my credit card with his personal cell phone. Now I have to keep an eye on my bank to make sure they do not start making strange charges on my card.
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Reviewed: Fri, Mar 1, 2019


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Mini Van | Nissan Quest Model Guaranteed
“Car wasn't ready, car wasn't serviced, difficulty contacting agent with Reach Rental.”
About reach rental: 5.7 /10
Agent needed to take care for oil change before car was ready. No ticket counter, difficult to find and difficult to contact agent. Over an hour waiting for car to return from oil change, two different service lights on dashboard but agent assured everything checked out, and when dropped off car no agent available. Had to leave car in garage with keys. "Ticket counter" is one room office in high rise, returning car is not typical drop off--they share a garage with an apartment complex valet. Very confusing. As a side, the car was missing a hub cap.
Reviewed: Sun, Jan 13, 2019

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