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Standard | Mazda 6 or similar
“Good service from Europcar Muscat Airport but check your car carefully before driving away.”
About Europcar: 9.0 /10
We were given a good vehicle that was clean and with good appearance. The only comment that I had was the that the gentleman that issued me the vehicle effectively increased the fuel level about a quarter tank than what was actually in the tank. I only found this out when I left the airport. I know it was my fault for not checking before driving away but what happened from the staff member was unacceptable.
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Fri, Jan 10, 2020


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Luxury SUV | Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 7 Seats or similar
“ATTENTION: Europcar sneaky supervisor tried to downgrade our booking with a cheaper 4WD. Hold tight!”
About Europcar: 4.7 /10
The service wasn't as expected. Nonetheless, we booked a very good 4WD car, once arrived, it's wasn't available. The Europcar supervisor pushed us to pick a 4WD car from a lower class (and cheaper) once, in reality, one of his employees told us that there were cars to upgrade instead to downgrade our (expensive) booking. His behavior was very sneaky and if you're not strong in holding your position (I paid for an excellent 4WD), you might end with a car with lower performances. I believe that they should think more about how to treat better their customers and give real value for the money we spend.
Reviewed: Fri, Oct 11, 2019


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Medium SUV | Toyota RAV4 or similar
“The best rental experience got till now”
About Europcar: 10.0 /10
Base on my experience with the rent car I almost never got what I actually rented, some claim will give upgrade but i don't think so.. But this time it was real upgrade as i rented Rav 4 and they give me Pajero 2019
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Thu, Sep 12, 2019

David R

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Economy | Suzuki Swift or similar
“Pas d'enseigne Interrent chez le loueur”
About Interrent: 8.0 /10
Un affichage du nom du loueur est indispensable, j'ai fais 3 guichet différent avant de trouvé le bon .... qui était Europcar
About QEEQ: 8.0 /10
Reviewed: Fri, Aug 23, 2019


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Economy | Suzuki Swift or similar
About Interrent: 9.7 /10
Great value and the counter staff were fantastic help.
About QEEQ: 9.0 /10
Reviewed: Mon, Jun 24, 2019


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Luxury SUV | Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 7 Seats or similar
About Europcar: 9.7 /10
About QEEQ: 10.0 /10
Reviewed: Sat, Jun 22, 2019

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Economy | Toyota Yaris or similar
About Europcar: 7.3 /10
whilst the counter staff were very good, car handover was very poor - the chap filled out the form identifying all of the existing damage to the car - switched the engine on then said "there you are" and walked off
About QEEQ: 8.0 /10
Reviewed: Mon, May 13, 2019


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Economy | Suzuki Swift or similar
“It will take forever for you to find the rental agency for pick up”
About Interrent: 4.7 /10
- The rental pick up location was not clearly specified and I had to ask almost all rental agency there about Interrent! the agency incharge of this had a comple different name (Europe Cars)! There was no clear indication that Europe cars are the same as Interrent. - The car was so terrible and although it was automatic, it felt like I am driving a manual car. - I am still waiting for my refund which I don't know when will I receive it. when I picked the car they told me I will get it back once I drop the car and this didn't happen yet
About QEEQ: 8.0 /10
Reviewed: Mon, May 6, 2019


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Large SUV | Toyota Fortuner 7 Seats or similar
“I scheduled a Toyota fortuner and I had a Toyota Prado. It’s really frustrating, prado was cheaper !”
About Budget: 7.7 /10
I was obliged to take full insurance because it didnt take debit card for caution...
About QEEQ: 8.0 /10
Reviewed: Mon, Apr 29, 2019


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Intermediate | Toyota Corolla or similar
About Europcar: 7.0 /10
Cars need to be cleaned properly and FULLY fueled.
About QEEQ: 8.0 /10
Reviewed: Sat, Feb 23, 2019

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