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Ride with EasyRentCars: Things to Know Before Collecting Your Rental Car

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Mandatory Documents

To pick up a rental vehicle, credentials you need to carry include:

1.Driver’s License

Both your main and additional Driver’s Licenses (if any) are supposed to be presented at pickup, and drivers must have a minimum of one year’s possession (2 years minimum is safer) and no major endorsements.

2.IDP (when applicable)

For driver’s who hold a license that is not in English (such as Arabic, Greek or Russian) you will need to bring along an International Driving Permit. You can read more about this on our Terms and Conditions available on the EasyRentCars website.

3.Credit Card

If you are the main driver you will need to present a valid functioning credit card at pick up for pre-authorization. If you are renting a luxury vehicle then you will usually be asked to present two credit cards, because these vehicles are typically more expensive. We encourage you to have between $500-3000US as your credit limit for non-super cars. We also suggest you read our Terms and Conditions while you’re booking online so you know what funds you need to have ready before pick up day. If you need further assistance please contact EasyRentCars 24/7 online customer service for further assistance.

4.Forms of ID

You are required to present a valid photo ID (Passport or National ID), or any other forms of identification requested by the car rental company or supplier.

5.Printed Voucher

Most car rental companies will honor a voucher without you printing it out and presenting it at pick up, but as a safety precaution, you can choose to have a printed copy handy just in case.

At the Counter

Enterprise Rent-A-Car branch office in US

Keep in mind that additional charges usually apply for out of hours pick up/drop off, border crossing, one-way rentals, underage or overage driving and optional extras (these can range from winter tires, a child seat or even a GPS).

The cost for all optional extras are not included in your rental rate, so these will need to be paid directly at the counter of your rental car company in their local currency. Policies regarding additional charges may vary depending on your rental company and you can read about any additional charges in your Terms and Conditions while booking online at EasyRentCars.

Out of Hours Pick Up/ Drop Off Fee

To pick up or drop off outside of business hours car rental companies may charge a fee called ‘out of hours pick up/ drop off fee’. This information will be communicated to you via your Terms and Conditions, which you can read during your online booking.

Crossing Border Fee

Car rental companies may charge a crossing border fee if it applies. If this information is relevant to you it will be stated in your Terms and Conditions or on your rental voucher.

One-way Fee

Because of the relocation and labor costs incurred by dropping off your rental vehicle at different locations, a one-way fee is usually charged by car rental companies. If this fee is applicable to you it will be included in your quote. If your payment type is Pay Partial or Pay at Pickup then you’ll have to pay this fee at the counter, in their local currency.

Underage/ Overage Fee

Additional fees may apply if a driver is either between the ages of 21-25 or over 65 (some rental companies charge a fee if the driver is over 60). Information regarding underage/overage fees is provided in your Terms and Conditions, which you can read at the time of booking.

Child Seat

A booster seat, toddler seat or infant seat is an optional extra you can select at the time of booking on EasyRentCars. Keep in mind that the price and availability of extras such as child seats are subject to change, so it is important to confirm with your local car rental agent upon pick up even if you have requested a child seat during your online booking.


Deal with an Upsell

We suggest you check your car class/group, fuel policy, and insurance overage before pick-up. You have full right to decide whether you would like to take the additional extras or not and if you purchase any services at the counter, make sure you also check that these items have been added to your contract. Please also ensure no other items except those purchased appear on your invoice. Should you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact EasyRentCars’ 24/7 customer service representatives who are ready to help.

Check Your Contract

Your car rental contract will include your rental period, mileage limit, fuel policy, the breakdown of rental fees, extra charges, deposits, insurance coverage, liability waiver details, and emergency contact numbers. Make sure you double-check and read through your contract before signing it. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your rental contract, contact EasyRentCars 24/7 customer service office for assistance.

Check Your Rental Vehicle

We highly recommend you to take the time to examine your rental vehicle before leaving the car rental store. Here is a simple procedure we encourage you to follow:

1. Examine the vehicle: walk around the car, have a glance of the inside and check for scratches, dents or damages. If you find an issue with the car, make sure your car rental agent notes it down. Take pictures as well to avoid any issues when you return your vehicle.

2. Check the fuel: open the fuel tank to see if your car takes petrol or diesel. If the fuel tank has a number written on it, such as 95, this is an indication that it takes petrol. If you’re not sure about what kind of fuel your rental car takes, ask your agent before you leave.

3. Look at the dashboard: if your rental fuel policy package is Full to Full make sure you insert the key into the car, turn it on and then check if the fuel tank is full and the headlights are working.

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