Oeschinensee – one of the premier alpine lake destinations in Switzerland

Oeschinensee (Oeschinin Lake) is one of the premier alpine lake destinations in Switzerland. It is located in the middle of Switzerland. The lake is accessible by a gondola and short hike.

The lake is impressive with its icy blue color and mountain peaks shooting up all around it. There is a sculpture garden on the shores of the lake and a couple of restaurants with lake views. It’s a lovely day out with very little work.

Oeschinensee is located in the town of Kandersteg, which is about an hour drive from Lauterbrunnen (40 minutes from Interlaken). The view along the drive to Oeschinensee is beautiful as you will drive by Thunersee, one of two lakes next to Interlaken before going over a hill to see the other side of Bernese Oberland.

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