Giola – a natural swimming pool with great green water

Giola is a natural swimming pool with great green waters, carved into the rocks, located in Tsassos Island in Greece.

Separated from the sea by a narrow strip of rocks, it looks like a pool of crystal clear water, carved into a coral reef that rises above it. Those who have visited Giola say it is a piece of heaven on Earth, remote and inaccessible.

Giola is located at the south part of Thassos island, after the monastery of Archaggelos. Pass Aeria Hotel at Astris and you will see a truck road. Follow the truck road and when you get to a “crossroad” turn to the left to the uphill road. At the end of this road there is parking space. Leave your car and follow the footpath. After 10-15 minutes of walking you will find Giola.

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