7 Fun Facts about Italian Culture: Let’s Lift the Veil!

We often talk about Italy. But how much do you really know about this country: its history, Italian culture, and way of life? It’s amazing how much we don’t realize. We thought you’d be surprised, too. So we’ve revealed 7 fun facts about Italy, and we think many of them may surprise you!

Fun Facts about Italy 1: Football fans are ‘like a disease’

Practically any kind of nation on earth has its very own love affair with football (except maybe the United States and Canada), however, such is the fanaticism of Italian football fans that individuals have required to calling them ‘Tifosi‘, which literally translates to ‘service providers of Typhus’. Therefore, their love for the sporting activity is rather actually like a disease.

fun facts about italian culture

Fun Facts about Italy 2: Pet cats have got rights

Romans are claimed to love their feline good friends so much that they are thought about ‘a bio-cultural heritage’. Any person convicted of killing a pet cat– had or a roaming– might encounter a EUR10,000 fine and also approximately 3 years in prison. It is approximated that Rome alone is home to around 300,000 felines– the only citizens that are permitted to check out the damages whenever they such as.

Quick story: Incidentally, in 2011 an Italian cat acquired over EUR10 million after its 94-year old owner passed away, making it the third richest animal in the world (the fact there are richer pets is unbelievable). The proprietor Maria Assunta left her ‘whole estate’ to the pet cat under the treatment of a relied on the nurse (you might not be stunned that Italian laws do not allow pets to inherit directly).

fun facts about italian culture

Fun Facts about Italy 3: The Italian Law enforcement agency usage Lamborghinis

If one point’s without a doubt, Italian automobile burglars must be few in number viewing as the local police waiting in the wings behind the wheels of one of the fastest cars on the planet. However, there are, evidently, simply a number of Lamborghini Huracán squad cars in operation in Italy.

fun facts about italian culture

Fun Facts about Italy 4: An Italian’s generosity knows no bounds

If you’re fortunate sufficient to have actually ever consumed in an Italian family member’s house, you’ll be cognizant of how charitable Italian individuals are to visitors, particularly when it comes to food. However what you might not have actually known is that, jointly, they are a really philanthropic country too.

For example, it is estimated that roughly EUR3,000 in adjustment is daily thrown into Rome’s Trevi Fountain (over the shoulder so as to prevent getting misfortune). Legend states if you toss a coin in the water fountain, you are destined ahead back to Rome. Even though travelers have actually been joining in the reason, it was the Italians that have actually begun it as well as all continue goes in the direction of local charities.

fun facts about italian culture

Fun Facts about Italy 5: The ordinary Italian consumes 25kg of pasta per year

It is uncommon in Italy. It, therefore, isn’t also unusual that the ordinary Italian puts away 25kg of the right stuff each year. To place that into viewpoint, that’s even much heavier than your carry-on travel luggage for an economic climate airline flight, and also allows face it, we’re constantly a couple of kgs over.

But pasta– and also we’re talking fresh egg pasta here– is so excellent. If you have would certainly attempt it yet, as well as we make certain that you would certainly enjoy, have a look at the preferred recipe in our food preparation holiday.

fun facts about italian culture

Fun Facts about Italy 6: Gelato is healthier than regular ice cream

Yes, it is true, believe it or otherwise. Gelato is healthier than the stuff we buy in bulk from the supermarket. Why? It is made day-to-day with fresh, natural active ingredients as well as has 70% less fat (and subsequently far fewer calories) than factory-made gelato.

There is likewise a lot less air in gelato, which makes the flavor much more extreme as well as, most likely, much less wind is subsequently passed. Maybe that’s why Italians are so slim and also wonderful scenting. Interestingly, gelato is likewise the only Italian product whose market share of artisanal versus commercial is above 55%.

fun facts about italian culture

Fun Facts about Italy 7: Tiramisú actually indicates something 😃

Italy’s most renowned treat (at the very least abroad)– the scrumptious Tiramisú– was birthed in 1971 in La Beccherie Dining Establishment in the Venetian town of Treviso. It was recommended as a dessert which would boost customers due to its high energized content (eggs and also sugar) and the high levels of caffeine of the strong espresso coffee. Hence, the name ‘tiramisu’ – implying ‘pick-me-up‘ in English – was coined.

fun facts about italian culture

Here are the 7 fun facts about Italy! And if you want to know more about Italy:

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